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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why do people want to make movies?

Josh on one of the groups at OurFilmSpace.com asked a question,

I was just curious why everyone wants to pursue film making and do you remember what sparked the curiosity of this art?

I left this comment,

I'm only guessing. I stand behind nothing I say. It's just off the top of my head. I'm not addressing why I have an interest in particular, but why people might in general.

There are a lot of aspects of culture that only some people experience. some people are foodies, while others just eat to live rather than living to eat. Some people like rap, others rock. Still others love classical. Believe it or not, I've met people who don't like any music at all. When I was a kid, I was crazy about baseball, now I can't sit through a game while others are lost if the Sox aren't playing.

Yet, no matter what we don't share, we all go to movies.

The point is we all have different interests, but there is almost no one in this country that does not have some movie that did not effect them in some way. Some are so taken by some movie that they see it over and over again. Some are even challenged by movies that it might change their world view.

Movies are, in our culture, the art form that nearly everyone partakes of. More people are going to want to be part of it than any other form.

For an analogy, as an art form, Opera was dominant in 19th Century Italy. Do you think there would be so many Italian composers, librettists, tenors etc. If it were something else?

Friday, September 26, 2008

You ought to be in pictures. Here's your chance.

Yup, you too can be on film. The movie, Cruelty, needs extras and production assistants. If you are interested, get in touch by email with Crystal Perry (C.Marie05@yahoo.com)

Or, you can go to CRUELTY Film in need of EXTRAS & PA's page at OurFilmSpace.com and sign up there.

The movie will be filmed in Palmer, Worcester and Sutton.

These people are fun to work with, I know.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cruelty in Vogue Here in October

Cruelty the movie, that is. Kristen Zaik and Monica Green, Two Baystaters working in Hollywood are going to make a movie here in October. I have written an article for the Sturbridge Times Magazine that will come out in the October issue.

Cruelty will be a film about revenge. As it says on the movies website, "You never know how much you hurt someone, until they hurt you."

The Cruelty team as an update to their progress which I am stealing with permission to post below;


First of all, we would like to announce the addition of a few new key people to the creative team!

Sixunder7 Films is proud to announce our partnership with Baker Street Productions of Arlington, MA! Baker Street is a fully functioning production house that is deeply involved in the MA film community, and is currently working with OurFilmSpace.com to produce the highly anticipated web series 'Oldbury Hill', which will be premiering at the Baker Street Film Festival in downtown Boston on October 26th! We welcome them to the CRUELTY team, and they will be working with us in October- you can learn more about Baker Street Productions at their website: www.bakerstreetusa.com.

With the Baker Street team comes Co-Producer Sean P. Doyle, Director/Cinematographer Joshua Leonard, Second Assistant Director Lance Reensteirna, Sound Engineer Jonathan Santarelli, Unit Production Manager Jeffrey Paolone, and Production Coordinator Crystal Perry.

We are also pleased to announce the addition of Suzi Levitch, of NY, as our Production Designer, and new addition to the cast, actress/model Gianna Simone.


As we near the month of October, CRUELTY has continued to pick up steam in the news- We've been featured in several more newspaper and magazine spreads:

PULSE Arts & Entertainment Magazine (Worcester MA)

The Reminder (East Longmeadow, Chicopee, Springfield, Wilbraham versions)

Millbury Sutton Chronicle (Millbury and Sutton MA)

Monica and I have been invited to be guests of Worcester Mayor Konstantina Lukes on her talk show 'Coffee with Konnie', which we'll be taping on October 9th... so look for updates!


We'd like to extend a special thanks to our Corporate Sponsors:

Magic Hat Beer, who will be featured in our bar scenes
Redbull Energy Drink, to be featured in our bar scenes
Spalding Inc, who will be providing us with some sporting gear and props
Walmart SuperCenter, Ware MA, who generously donated air mattresses and pillows
Big Y Supermarkets, for their contribution towards our food for cast and crew

We are currently in negotiations with Dunkin' Donuts to shoot at the Main Street Palmer store- and we LOVE our Dunkin' coffee!



We are still accepting donations, which you may give by visiting our website at www.sixunder7.com and scrolling down to the botton, OR by clicking this easy and secure PayPal link:

Monday, September 22, 2008

Oldbury Hill Starts Production in Sturbridge

One can only admire the bravery of cast and crew at the Oldbury Hill shooting that occurred last Saturday night (September 20,2008) at Hyland Orchard. there may not have been frostbite, but it was cold.

The frigid weather was compounded by the necessity of some of the players wearing costumes that could not be called thermal. Memo to self: If ever cast to be in a Halloween party scene on a cold night, try to get a part as an Eskimo in a warm costume.

In spite of it all, everyone seemed to have fun. If you go to read the comments at OurFilmSpace.com, they are only about the good time had by all.

The next day, a scene was filmed at the Public House, also in Sturbridge.

Well, this is what we want. Production in Western Central Mass. It's not yet Titanic, but what the heck. That ship sank.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oldbury Hill to film in Sturbridge On Saturday and Sunday, September 20-21

Well, it's come out in a press release, so I guess it can be posted here. Other information on the project can be found at OurFilmSpace.com. To go there, click on the button to the right.


So you wanna be on TV? Local production to shoot pilot for series "Oldbury Hill" at Hylands Brewery in Sturbridge!

Okay - it's the Internet, not what we normally think of as TV, but the team at OurTvSpace.com, a new start-up digital channel that will launch with the airing of a pilot for its first web series called "Oldbury Hill" on Halloween night, 2008, is conjuring up a brew made of ingredients it believes will attract a craze of web traffic to its new channel: quality stories and content reflecting the New England aesthetic with exceptional local talent and production people. The team is also betting that the full convergence of television with the computer is coming sooner rather than later!

The production team will be in Sturbridge, MA, on September 20-21, 2008, to shoot a Halloween party scene at the Hyland Brewery. "Oldbury Hill" is a fictional Massachusetts town where teenager Maggie Phelps and her mom, Laura, are suddenly transplanted from Beverly Hills, California. There they encounter far more than just East-West culture shock…
Maggie is played by Massachusetts actress Victoria Nugent, while her mom is played by New Hampshire-based Laura Rocknak. The web series - geared toward the youth demographic - is seeking extras ages 15 and over who are ready to celebrate

Halloween a month early this year and don unique and interesting costumes from 6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 21, to shoot a Halloween party at Hyland Brewery at 195 Arnold Road, Sturbridge, that will be aired on Halloween night on OurTvSpace.com. A new webisode of "Oldbury Hill" will be released each week through 2009.

Extras who bring a carved Jack O'Lantern that can be used on the set will advance to the head of the line and possibly be selected to appear in the Halloween party! There will also be a Pumpkin Contest for a prize and the extra wearing the "best" costume selected by the production team will appear on a future webisode in a speaking role!

The production is also seeking Halloween props of all kinds, including scarecrows, skeletons, and the like along with a location for a professional office resembling a study or library and an inn-styled bedroom in a bed and breakfast or colonial-style house. For more information, contact Douglas Kirkpatrick at 310-804-8450.

Kristen Lucas, Producer
Goldilocks Productions

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Movie Review, An Acception That Proves the Rule

My kids got the movie, Accepted, out of the library. It is not much. Minimalist plot summary: Goofy kid can't get into college, starts one of his own and succeeds. In watching the movie accepted, it is obvious why “hero,” Bartelby, has not got into college. Stupid parents beget stupid kids. It is one long unending not so funny vulgarity. I don't know what it is about golf and college movies, but it appears de rigeur that there be an anti Anglo-Saxon jibe about anti-semitic blackballing. Hey, it's almost 2008, someone has to get the script writers of worthless movies a life.

So why do I waste time on something I think is dreck. The truth is, I'm not sure it was a comedy. Oh, it definitely wanted to be a comedy with nonstop lame jokes. Unfortunately, there was just a tad too much reality. The plot line of kid sets up college that is all things to all youth, well, is that not a lot of what college is sold as?

Lets take a look at a admissions web page for one of New England's popular colleges where cool kids go for a serious but fun four years (at least),

Imagine yourself at Middlebury College, with four years to try new ideas and explore the subjects and pursuits you feel passionate about. Four years to explore a liberal arts curriculum so diverse and interdisciplinary that it would take over a century to experience it all. Four years to act in a student production, do research with faculty scientists, join a relief mission to a third-world country, hike the Long Trail, or play left wing on the hockey team. Where would you start? No matter where you choose to begin, Middlebury offers abundant opportunities for learning and growth—and opens doors to the future you envision.

Ah well, I'm sure no catalog ever said something like, you will spend hours in the library doing term papers and we expect you to toe the line and if you don't, maybe voke ed is for you.

I was required to read Newman's The Idea of a University the summer before I attended a papist undergraduate institution. To my shame, I remember so little of it. I vaguely recall that an undergraduate curriculum at a Liberal Arts college should be knowledge for its own sake. Well, I guess the fellow in the film was pursuing the goal of blowing things up with his mind for its own sake, but that is hardly a liberal art. No matter, we want you to grow and learn at Middlebury while we open doors for that future you envision.

South Harmon Institute of Technology, the name of the college in the film (yes, they meant that acronym) also wants you to grow and learn. The standards are undoubtedly looser than Middlebury's but the idea is little different.

One should not object. After all, if we have a real system of liberal education, maybe one hundredth of one percent of the population might qualify. That is not on. The country would not stand for it and the thought of an aimless horde of seventeen year olds being unleashed on the country to search for work they are unqualified to do and probably does not exist is scary to say the least. No let them ferment for a few years and take jobs that the country needs like drug counselor or campus security worker.

Indeed, we have been marching toward this for well over a hundred years. No, it is not something that started with the post WWII GI Bill. Christopher Lasch, In the Culture of Narcissism wrote that The president of Princeton was hoping the success of the football team would lead to interest and applications to his college among Kentuckians well over a century ago. Princeton, that bastion of privilege, where the BA is a ticket to membership in the elite actually had to sell itself to rubes in the hinterlands?

The growth of college has probably been the most successful rent seeking enterprise in world history, putting the pre-christian pagan priesthood that it has much in common with to shame.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Issue of the Sturbridge Times Magazine!

The new issue of the Sturbridge Times Magazine is out. The Print edition has been mailed and is on stands. You can see the online edition by clicking the link to the right and then opening the pdf.

My articles are:

Page 12, Mass. Outdoor Expo
Page 14, The Big E
Page 20, My column

Though as usual, I am self serving, the whole mag is worth reading.