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Monday, September 22, 2008

Oldbury Hill Starts Production in Sturbridge

One can only admire the bravery of cast and crew at the Oldbury Hill shooting that occurred last Saturday night (September 20,2008) at Hyland Orchard. there may not have been frostbite, but it was cold.

The frigid weather was compounded by the necessity of some of the players wearing costumes that could not be called thermal. Memo to self: If ever cast to be in a Halloween party scene on a cold night, try to get a part as an Eskimo in a warm costume.

In spite of it all, everyone seemed to have fun. If you go to read the comments at OurFilmSpace.com, they are only about the good time had by all.

The next day, a scene was filmed at the Public House, also in Sturbridge.

Well, this is what we want. Production in Western Central Mass. It's not yet Titanic, but what the heck. That ship sank.

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