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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oldbury Hill to film in Sturbridge On Saturday and Sunday, September 20-21

Well, it's come out in a press release, so I guess it can be posted here. Other information on the project can be found at OurFilmSpace.com. To go there, click on the button to the right.


So you wanna be on TV? Local production to shoot pilot for series "Oldbury Hill" at Hylands Brewery in Sturbridge!

Okay - it's the Internet, not what we normally think of as TV, but the team at OurTvSpace.com, a new start-up digital channel that will launch with the airing of a pilot for its first web series called "Oldbury Hill" on Halloween night, 2008, is conjuring up a brew made of ingredients it believes will attract a craze of web traffic to its new channel: quality stories and content reflecting the New England aesthetic with exceptional local talent and production people. The team is also betting that the full convergence of television with the computer is coming sooner rather than later!

The production team will be in Sturbridge, MA, on September 20-21, 2008, to shoot a Halloween party scene at the Hyland Brewery. "Oldbury Hill" is a fictional Massachusetts town where teenager Maggie Phelps and her mom, Laura, are suddenly transplanted from Beverly Hills, California. There they encounter far more than just East-West culture shock…
Maggie is played by Massachusetts actress Victoria Nugent, while her mom is played by New Hampshire-based Laura Rocknak. The web series - geared toward the youth demographic - is seeking extras ages 15 and over who are ready to celebrate

Halloween a month early this year and don unique and interesting costumes from 6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 21, to shoot a Halloween party at Hyland Brewery at 195 Arnold Road, Sturbridge, that will be aired on Halloween night on OurTvSpace.com. A new webisode of "Oldbury Hill" will be released each week through 2009.

Extras who bring a carved Jack O'Lantern that can be used on the set will advance to the head of the line and possibly be selected to appear in the Halloween party! There will also be a Pumpkin Contest for a prize and the extra wearing the "best" costume selected by the production team will appear on a future webisode in a speaking role!

The production is also seeking Halloween props of all kinds, including scarecrows, skeletons, and the like along with a location for a professional office resembling a study or library and an inn-styled bedroom in a bed and breakfast or colonial-style house. For more information, contact Douglas Kirkpatrick at 310-804-8450.

Kristen Lucas, Producer
Goldilocks Productions

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