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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cruelty happened last night, but no one was abused!

Last night, Friday, October 10th Team Cruelty got together at Thirsty John's in Palmer, Massachusetts.

No, this was not a group of torturers. Cruelty is a movie about to be filmed in Palmer and Sutton, a fair ride east. Some of the performers were there including the lead, Kristen Zaik. Also there was Monica Green. Kristen and Monica are the impresarios behind the production.

Also there were the Baker Street boys. The members of the team present were co-producer Sean Doyle, Director Joshua Leonard as well as Sound Engineer Jonathan Santarelli. I am surely in trouble as others were there and my memory is not good enough to recall the names.

Taking care of assigning extras was Caitlin Erin O’Hare. Caitlin is coordinating the costumes to be worn during filming.

I got to talk with the couple behind OurFilmSpace.com, Doug and Melinda Kirkpatrick. I hope to interview them for the December 1st issue of the Sturbridge Times. They have actually brought filming to Sturbridge. The Oldbury Hill Webisodes will be up at
www.OurTvSpace.com on Halloween.

This blog will keep you posted on the progress of Cruelty.

I apologize to anyone I met and whose name my faulty memory did not retain.

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