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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Saturday at the Farmers Market

Yesterday was as fine a day as one could ask for in Fall. The air was crisp. The Sun, while not searing and alternating with clouds, was warm enough to give me some color. It was great day for the Amherst Farmers Market.

Finally, I had brought honey to sell. My table was next to Bob's orchard. As I mentioned in The Sturbridge Times article about the Market, Bob Rondeau came over and introduced himself to me the first time I came. A very friendly fellow, Bob, now 86 is not as active as he was. His daughter Carol and granddaughter Jessica were selling for him. His son-in-law Richard, who does a lot of the orchard work was there as well for a short time.

Bob's Orchard is in Palmer, near enough to our area. Unfortunately, they have no sales at the orchard. They had a real winner yesterday in the Honey Crisp apples they have to sell.

It is a pity that a farmers market as good as Amherst FM does not exitst in our area. There are some that are trying. Brimfield is in the shadow of the famous antique shows and the Brookfield Market, Sundays at the Tip Top Cafe is trying, but not there yet.

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