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Sunday, November 30, 2008

CRUELTY update - it's a wrap!

Kristen Zaik sent this out and I am posting it as is (almost) to spare myself effort.

Hey everyone - it's time for another CRUELY update!!


Sixunder7 Films and Baker Street Productions wrapped principal photography for the independent feature film CRUELTY on November 1st, and are pleased to report that the shoot was an overwhelming success! The footage looks amazing, and we are so very proud of what we were able to accomplish together, as a team. Though we're all sad that this shoot has come to an end, there will surely be many more to come!

Keep your eyed and ears peeled for us on the news and in print... and for our trailer,which will likely be done and online for viewing by the end of December.

Though we're not sure how, we made it - Check us out on IMDB!


We'd like to thank our awesome still photographer Tony Colapietro for spending time with the CRUELTY cast and crew! His photographs of the shoot can be viewed on his OurFilmSpace.com profile.

You can also visit Tony’s own website.


See more of our photographs on the Sixunder7 Films Myspace profile, in the album titled CRUELTY:

During our shoot we were treated to brunch at the Blackstone Grill Restaurant by the lovely Pat Manos, and interviewed once again by Richard Murphy of the Sturbridge Times. Read his write-up here, on Tony Colapietro's Blog.
(note: it is also posted on this blog, but Tony's website is worth a visit)


We'd like to extend a special thanks to the following local businesses who helped to make this shoot a success:

Parker Audio
Whiskey Hill Sports
New England Fleet Cars
Ware Walmart SuperCenter
PA Cleaners
Café Dolce
K’s Ambulance
Goretti’s Supermarket
Spalding Inc.
Magic Hat Brewery
Smokey Mountain BBQ
Paul’s Center Bakery
Keown’s Orchard
Waters Farm
Sposato’s Flower Shop
The Sutton Women’s Club
The Palmer Big Y
Palmer Dunkin’ Donuts
The Sutton Police Department

*Special Thanks to Robert and Julie Zaik, Amos and Karen Green, Sue Green and Jim Peirce, Carmine and Tina D'Angelo, and Jay and Becky for their tremendous hospitality to our cast and crew throughout the shoot!


We're proud to announce exciting news for our sister company Sixunder7 Music! Congrats to RJ and Brett, who together make up Valerna, as this week has seen their first international release!

Download the Valerna album here.

Listen to their latest interview on IsGoodMusic.


Our website is in the process of being re-vamped, so check back there for updates :www.sixunder7.com/

Sutton PD, 2nd Unit

Kristen Zaik
Sixunder7 Films

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Help Nominate Local Website Promoting Webisodes For an Award

Here is the message from OurFilmSpace.com,

www.OurTvSpace.com recently launched its new Digital Network in 2008 with its new Web Series "Oldbury Hill"! The startup Company also just secured 4,000+ square feet of production and office space in Sturbridge, MA! The Company will laiunch an angel round of financing in early 2009, and will start to train interns for possible employment for full-time positions with the Company! Several new program channels are in development at OurTvSpace and are planned for production in first quarter 2009 - announcements will come shortly. OurTvSpace.com is also looking to partner with talent, crew, and producers for new programming in 2009 and beyond that will build audiences and involve web interactivity!

Please Help OurTvSpace.com get nominated for the Best Bootstrapped Startup Crunnchie Award for 2008! This award goes to a company that has raised less than $100,000 cumulatively from individuals, angels or others. The 2008 Crunchies is the second annual competition and award ceremony to recognize and celebrate the most compelling startups, internet and technology innovations of the year. Just Click Below - there is no e-mail signup or registration - it takes a few seconds! Please Help Us Spread the Word on MySpace and Facebook - with all your Friends!!!

Also, if you haven't been following the OldBury Hill Webisodes, click on the OurTVSpace.com link to the right or right here.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

More Shameless Self Promotion-My Movie Reviews at EZTakes

EZTakes is an online video download store offering films from many different genres that are not usually featured on more mainstream channels.

On their blog are movie reviews and I am one of the reviewers. My profile is here. My review of The Third Man is here. A quirky French Film, A Matter of Taste, is here.

More reviews should be up as time goes by and I'll let the world know here. Please visit and comment on my reviews.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Saveur Magazine is a foodie journal. Now, I don't believe I live to eat but good food is one of life's pleasures. Saveur highlights great donuts in an article online here.

Where the barbarians blaspheme is they list Atkins Farm cider donuts as the ne plus ultra of that variety. Now the Atkins Farm cider donut is very good. However we have a local institution that makes a cider donut and the Atkins concoction does not compare.

Breezelands Orchards (1791 Southbridge Rd. Warren, Ma. 01083 (413)436-7122 marktuttle230@gmail.com) in our neck of the woods (almost in both West Brookfield and Brimfield) has the finest cider donuts in the world. I posted about them before here.

You do have to hurry if you want to get some donuts as they close for the season at Thanksgiving. if you go to there website, you can get a coupon for a free 1/2 dozen with purchase here.

Please note, I unfortunately get no commission or fee from this posting, or even free donuts. Sad to say.

Also, as part of the mission of this blog, we wish to point out the Breezelands country would make a wonderful rural country scene for movie making. This thought might horrify the Tuttles, but we are just pointing out what could be.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oldbury Hill Webisodes Are Up!

The Oldbury Hill Webisodes filmed at Hyland Village are up and you can see them at oldburyhill. Or, you can watch the first installment here.


The night this was made, the weather was much colder than today. The fortitude of the actors and extras and crew was something to see. I know as I was the baby, staying as close to the fire as possible while wearing warm clothes.

Shamless nepotism, the extra wearing the bee suit is my daughter.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Preview Webisode Made in Sturbridge

Below is the preview of the first webisode made by OurFilmSpace.com. It is called Oldbury Hill and you will be able to watch future episodes here. It was filmed in Sturbridge at Hyland Orchard and the Public House.

Oldbury Hill - New Web Series Premieres Soon - Preview Upcoming Webisodes! from OurTvSpace.com on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

More Cruelty Radio

Monica and Kristen, the Cruelty team will be on WTAG with Mike Messina on Tuesday, November 5 at 6:30p.m.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Shameless Self Promotion-The Sturbridge Times November Issue is Out!

Yup, the November issue is out and I have a restaurant review, an article and my column. click here or on the link to the right.

The Rimscha Concert Series is back for Season 4. Read all about it on page 2.

We went to Enrico's for pizza and tell the tale on page 5.

My column is on page 16.


I wish I could take a better picture of the Quaboag River. This one does not do it justice.