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Friday, November 21, 2008


Saveur Magazine is a foodie journal. Now, I don't believe I live to eat but good food is one of life's pleasures. Saveur highlights great donuts in an article online here.

Where the barbarians blaspheme is they list Atkins Farm cider donuts as the ne plus ultra of that variety. Now the Atkins Farm cider donut is very good. However we have a local institution that makes a cider donut and the Atkins concoction does not compare.

Breezelands Orchards (1791 Southbridge Rd. Warren, Ma. 01083 (413)436-7122 marktuttle230@gmail.com) in our neck of the woods (almost in both West Brookfield and Brimfield) has the finest cider donuts in the world. I posted about them before here.

You do have to hurry if you want to get some donuts as they close for the season at Thanksgiving. if you go to there website, you can get a coupon for a free 1/2 dozen with purchase here.

Please note, I unfortunately get no commission or fee from this posting, or even free donuts. Sad to say.

Also, as part of the mission of this blog, we wish to point out the Breezelands country would make a wonderful rural country scene for movie making. This thought might horrify the Tuttles, but we are just pointing out what could be.

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