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Sunday, November 30, 2008

CRUELTY update - it's a wrap!

Kristen Zaik sent this out and I am posting it as is (almost) to spare myself effort.

Hey everyone - it's time for another CRUELY update!!


Sixunder7 Films and Baker Street Productions wrapped principal photography for the independent feature film CRUELTY on November 1st, and are pleased to report that the shoot was an overwhelming success! The footage looks amazing, and we are so very proud of what we were able to accomplish together, as a team. Though we're all sad that this shoot has come to an end, there will surely be many more to come!

Keep your eyed and ears peeled for us on the news and in print... and for our trailer,which will likely be done and online for viewing by the end of December.

Though we're not sure how, we made it - Check us out on IMDB!


We'd like to thank our awesome still photographer Tony Colapietro for spending time with the CRUELTY cast and crew! His photographs of the shoot can be viewed on his OurFilmSpace.com profile.

You can also visit Tony’s own website.


See more of our photographs on the Sixunder7 Films Myspace profile, in the album titled CRUELTY:

During our shoot we were treated to brunch at the Blackstone Grill Restaurant by the lovely Pat Manos, and interviewed once again by Richard Murphy of the Sturbridge Times. Read his write-up here, on Tony Colapietro's Blog.
(note: it is also posted on this blog, but Tony's website is worth a visit)


We'd like to extend a special thanks to the following local businesses who helped to make this shoot a success:

Parker Audio
Whiskey Hill Sports
New England Fleet Cars
Ware Walmart SuperCenter
PA Cleaners
Café Dolce
K’s Ambulance
Goretti’s Supermarket
Spalding Inc.
Magic Hat Brewery
Smokey Mountain BBQ
Paul’s Center Bakery
Keown’s Orchard
Waters Farm
Sposato’s Flower Shop
The Sutton Women’s Club
The Palmer Big Y
Palmer Dunkin’ Donuts
The Sutton Police Department

*Special Thanks to Robert and Julie Zaik, Amos and Karen Green, Sue Green and Jim Peirce, Carmine and Tina D'Angelo, and Jay and Becky for their tremendous hospitality to our cast and crew throughout the shoot!


We're proud to announce exciting news for our sister company Sixunder7 Music! Congrats to RJ and Brett, who together make up Valerna, as this week has seen their first international release!

Download the Valerna album here.

Listen to their latest interview on IsGoodMusic.


Our website is in the process of being re-vamped, so check back there for updates :www.sixunder7.com/

Sutton PD, 2nd Unit

Kristen Zaik
Sixunder7 Films

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