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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Location-White's Landing, The Quaboag River and Oldbury Hill Update

The latest Oldbury Hill webisode has two of the main characters displaying a bit of chemistry as they interact canoeing on the Quaboag River. It's pleasant chapter made more pleasing because of the venue.

I meant to post more about White's Landing and the view of the Quaboag River from the Bridge at that spot. If you go by it late in the day til sunset, you have a sight of enormous natural beauty.

White's Landing itself has many aspects. There is a cafe, boathouse, fishing supplies and much more. They have live music on occasion and it is at maybe the loveliest spot on the Quaboag. Your hostess is Anna Patricia White, 13th generation Mayflower descendant. For more information go here. Also, I mentioned White's Landing in my November Sturbridge Times Column.

Episode 5 - The River from OurTvSpace.com on Vimeo.

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