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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So What's Tony Colapietro Up To Lately?

Tony Colapietro did the stills for the movie Cruelty that we blogged about (click on the Cruelty label to the right). He is working on something but all I have is an email and some interesting photos.

I am trying to promote this very talented group and we enjoy working together on various projects. We hope to put some interesting projects out in 2009 and if ever we can get some funding behind us I think we could create a very well done film.

So your man's up to something and it's not too far from Sturbridge Country. Here is a link to his OurFilmSpace page and the start page of the photos of the project, Prideful Gundown. Of course, his website is linked to the right.

So Tony, keep us informed. Below are some pictures from the project.

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