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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another Cruelty Update

Kristen Zaik, who is co-producing and acting in the movie, Cruelty has another update,

Cruelty is moving along nicely- the website is newly updated (not sure if you'd been checking it at all, for a long time it was sort of in flux), but now it's got some great production stills up, and more info. There's also a link to the blog you wrote about the brunch on there.

In about a week, the trailer will be up there also- and then, shortly after that, interviews will begin to appear. We did on-camera interviews with all our main cast and the crew, and they'll be appearing on the site also, one every couple of weeks.

The film is slated to be finished by mid-June, and there will be a Boston premier and an LA premier... which we'll start to plan once the date gets closer.

So we'll keep everyone posted.

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