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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hog Heaven in Sturbridge

This afternoon a pig roast was held at the Pioneer Brewing Company's place on Arnold Road. Brian Treitman of BT's Smokehouse was the master of ceremonies as far as the preparation of the guest of honor was concerned. Himself was 91 Lbs. of pig and he (I think it was he)was stuffed with another 15 Lbs. of pulled pork. Can it get better?

Now, I do love the taste of pork in all its glorious greasiness, but just in case the experts have been wrong, I want to be sure that I've partaken of the minimum yearly requirement of cholesterol. That was no problem today. The Pioneer Brewing stout surely complimented the normal medicinal attributes of the meat. My wife, Robin, had the pale ale, but that's because she is not as attuned to the healing properties of smoked meats. Go ahead, call me a health nut.

Music was provided by Burn Pile. A pleasant enough bar band. Everybody seemed to be having a good time while the weather was bleak outside. My wife overheard someone saying this had been the first weekend in awhile they hadn't been ice fishing. Just shows ya. We New Englanders can have fun even in a winter as horrible as this one has been.

Le dénouement

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