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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Actorapture, starting on the path to enlightenment

The OurFilmSpace Actor Fest (Actorapture
) at the OurTvSpace Studio in Sturbridge, MA was a Great Success with Actors and Folks in the Biz Travelling from all Over New England to Spend the Day Getting Their Headshots Done by Three Different Photographers, Networking, and Participating in Bonus Workshops to Sharpen their Skills and Help Build a Vital Community of Talent.

So began the after action report on yesterday’s great event at the studio in the Marketplace. I hate the cliche, “it’s all good,” but it was.

The sessions started with

Norm Laviolette, Founder of the Improv Asylum

leading a workshop on the subject. It was kind of a bootcamp so one would not be at a loss if a situation came up and you needed to wing it.

Okay, are you getting serious about all this as a profession? Frank Cacciola gave the actor’s POV about joining SAG and other organizations. He spoke about the requirements and benefits.

Plymouth Casting ’s Fran Bouska and Rebecca Walton gave tips on auditioning.

Dave Gladstone spoke on the serious business of Set Etiquette. And it is serious business when money is on the line.

Jean-Paul Ouellette and Skip Shea also spoke on auditioning. What works and what doesn’t were covered in a lot of detail.

The three photographers, Lindsay Monroe, Tony Colapietro and Joe Zuidema worked tirelessly to provide head shots for those who wanted them. It was all part of the price of admission.

Many more people deserve credit and here is a list,

Eye Candy/Punky - who did makeup for close to 60 Actors

Sue Davis - award winning writer and aspiring filmmaker who coordinated the Event

Dave Gladsone - Event Co-Coordinator

Dan McNulty - who co-coordinated the Event

Ania Broszkiewicz - Event Planner

John Dunphy - Event Planner

Adam Campbell - Mr. Techie Chops


Molli Kirkpatrick - Event Greeter and Registration

Chris - Event Greeter and Registration

Melinda's Menu - Sturbridge - who Catered the Event - Restaurant is at the Marketplace at the Falls

All the Moms who Helped Out!

And of course without Doug and Melinda Kirkpatrick it would never have happened.

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