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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Indiana James and adventure in a warehouse

Thomas Pimentel’s Indiana James and the Raiders of the Lost Shaker of Salt is a work in process. If you had to choose a word to emphasize in that last sentence, work would be the correct choice. Upon arriving at the Hooksett, NH warehouse in which the set has been under construction, the first thing noticeable was a crew putting the set together.

Most amazingly they were led by the lead actor and director, Thomas Pimentel in putting together the set. Such is the life of the Indie Filmmaker in New England. I was explained to me by Thomas’s classmate and co-producer Andrew Shanley. At film school, they will teach you to film with a camera and place people for a scene, but not how to make your set.

Remember the scene in Galaxy Quest where Tim Allen, playing the hungover WilliamShatner jerk character compliments the aliens on their set (which was a real space ship). He tells them that he only had cardboard to work with when he was making his series. Well, that is what it is. Mark Spinelli, Thomas’ cousin used the term, “movie magic” to describe how putting it all together results in the mystery beimade real. If it is true in big studios, it is all the more in the Indie World. No matter. A better term to use would be labor of love.

Mark is the First Assistant Director. What does the first AD do. Well, if he is working on this film he better be able to drive heavy equipment that can lift actors into the precise position above the “Well of the Caribbean Souls.” You have to be versatile in Indie World.

Above: Chrissy Rondano and Thomas Pimentel plan the next scene

There was a lot of hanging out on the set, literally. Chrissy Rondano who plays Marion Greatwoods had to hang from an arm of a statue for several takes. Stamina is an important part in adventure films.

Everyone on the set displayed an enthusiasm that is probably not to be found where they film mega budget films. They need that. Thomas on his TNT Productions has a motto, “Don’t Try This At Home! I can attest to that. When Indiana James et al finally wrap and get into distribution, fans will be able to feel a sense of danger.

There were a number of folks on the set who deserve recognition. Watch this space for more about the crew who are making this film.

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