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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Money For Something-Talent

Do you want to be a scriptwriter but don't have the resources? Well, this could be your lucky break. Read about The New Media Fellow Program below:

OurTvSpace.com – Launches a Call for Entries for its New Media Fellow Program for Writers!

The New Media Fellow Program is an Opportunity for Writers to Develop and Write a New Media Web Series and Be Considered for Agency Representation!

Apr 16, 2009 – Boston – OurTvSpace, LLC, announced today a Call for Entries for its 2009 New Media Fellow program. The new digital network seeks entries from writers worldwide in the form of full-length screenplays, teleplays, or graphic novels. Entries open on April 15, 2009 and close on August 15, 2009.

The New Media Fellow will receive a stipend totaling $10,000 to develop an original web series of 20 episodes under the direction of the OurTvSpace team. Upon completion of the fellowship, the New Media Fellow will be considered for agency representation by Brandon Martinez of Abrams Artist Agency, and enjoy the opportunity of having their web series produced and distributed by OurTvSpace.

Ten finalists will be selected and screened by a New Media Fellow committee comprised of industry professionals, including: Douglas Kirkpatrick, Entertainment Attorney and Founder of OurTvSpace; Brandon Martinez, New Media Agent at Abrams Artist Agency and inaugural member of the International Academy of Web Television; Marc Hustvedt, Co-Founder of Tubefilter – the leading authority on episodic web television and Co-Founder of the International Academy of Web Television, which recently launched the Streamy Awards to recognize excellence in online programming;
Scott Anderson, head of the prestigious Harvard Square Script Writers group; and Adam Campbell, a screenwriter and two-time winner of the prestigious Chesterfield Fellowship who also mentored with David Koepp.

OurTvSpace is a digital media studio located in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. Its mission is to develop, market and distribute: i) high-quality original web video series through collaborations with the creative community; ii) targeted niche video networks and programs; iii) web commercials and advertising;
and iv) branded entertainment worldwide in anticipation of digital convergence. The company has an approximately 5,000 square foot studio, complete with green screen, screening room, large open space, and offices.

Presently, the company’s websites generate approximately 2 million page impressions on an annual basis. The company’s first web series “Oldbury Hill” was TubeFilter.Tv’s “Pick of the Week” upon its recent online debut. “Oldbury Hill” is an episodic series about a teenage girl who confronts an ancient, dark secret when she moves to Oldbury Hill, Massachusetts, following the mysterious death of her father.

Applications for the OurTvSpace 2009 New Media Fellow Program can be downloaded online at www.NewMediaFellow.com, or visit www.OurTvSpace.com for more details!
OurTvSpace.com is a new premium Digital Network committed to the development of new and exciting web series, programming, digital content, and branded entertainment for worldwide distribution. OurTvSpace.com is a distribution network and content partner building collaborative relationships with the Creative Community and "Creating Television Together !

For more info: contact click on the WRITING button at the upper right.

Monday, April 27, 2009

VINDICATION! The Sturbridge Times Magazine Scoops Business Week

In the April issue of the Sturbridge Times Magazine my monthly column argues for separation of economy and state. My thesis is that the economists as a profession blew it. They were worthless in predicting the course of events. If past is prologue, I doubt they have a the solution. To depart from the vast humility I am justly noted for, I quote myself,

The solution so far has been to throw money at the problem. There have been two schools of thought about what that would do. Supporters have posited that it would re-liquefy the banking system and restart lending. Opponents claimed it would lead to Weimar style inflation. So far neither result has occurred. Deflation has instead happened. Almost none of the Ph.Ds predicted that and no one has lost a sinecure due to the error.

It would have been churlish of moi not to suggest a way out of our crisis,

A radical departure is necessary. Knowing that my country needs me, I have decided to organize The Long Hill Institute of Public Policy (LHIPP). Not lightly do we propose a constitutional amendment.

The doctrine of Separation of Church and State has served us well. The founders knew they would only cause havoc if they tried to choose a state religion. Well, the country has failed to choose the right financial faith. Therefore, we at the LHIPP realize that this must stop and we propose Amendment 28, There shall exist no branch or department of the Federal Government dealing with the economy.

You say chaos will ensue? Sorry, it’s here, begun under one administration and continuing in the current government. The proposal does not mean that the government can’t lay and collect taxes. It just won’t be able to effect a grandiose fiscal policy.

Fully understanding that I am a dilettante, I never expected that anyone would see the failure for what it was. Yet someone did. Business Week Magazine had a front page headline, What Good Are Economists Anyway? Well, I said that myself in so many words and I beat a national publication to the punch.

The author, Peter Coy is the mag’s Economics editor. You know the article is going to be overlong when you read the subtitle, Why they failed to predict the global economic crisis—and why their help is still crucial to a recovery. Okay, the lads, and some lasses botched it and yet they are necessary to cure it. He seems to be saying, if they study harder, then they can solve it. As if their will be some harmonic convergence that will lead us to the economic promised land. It’s a touching faith, but a cargo cult would be less irrational.

No, economists are always going to botch it because there are too many of them and even if some really get it right, not enough, if any, will to matter. I ended my now landmark piece with the following folk tale about the world of economics that I heard years ago. Congress was frustrated by its inability to get to the bottom of our nation’s financial problems. In light of the conflicting advice received, they decided to call in all the economists to testify and try to reach some consensus. At the end of the testimony, the chairman, an old aristocratic, southern senator addressed the last economist, “Suh, we’ve had y’all in here for several weeks and we have not heard any consistent thoughts from you. Can I ask you, are there any in your field who are acknowledged as having a true understandin’ of the subject.” The witness responded, “Yes Senator, there are two. One with the Bank of England and One with the Rothschilds in Paris.” The Senator, delighted responded, “What do they say.?” The witness replied, laconically, “They disagree.”

My only problem now is thinking about what I will say in my acceptance speech when I go to Stockholm to accept the last Nobel Prize in Economics.

To read the original article, click here and then click on the link do download a copy. go to page 16.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Rimscha Concert Series is over for this year.

It was a lovely evening for the grand finale of the Rimscha Concert Series. The performers all seemed to be enjoying themselves as did the audience. Helen and Peter Morin were joined by Soprano, Suzanne Nance and local singer, Patricia Morin-Haggerty.

The evening started with a lovely Abiononi adagio and then Suzanne Nance came out and sang from Richard Strauss’ Four Last Songs. Ms. Nance was joined by Patricia Morin Haggerty for Con Te Partiro to end the first part.

All returned for a beautiful rendition of Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring. Then, Helen and Peter played The Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso of Saint-Saens. They finished with the 1812 Overture leaving the audience only to visualize fireworks as the cannon could be heard via Peter at the organ.

The program was dedicated to Peter and Helen's friend, the late Mark Boudreau who, "loved life and the arts." He had a character only overshadowed by his heart according to the program.

So that's it for now. You are on your own until October 17, 2009, when renowned bass-baritone, Gregory Sheppard will be the guest.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Auditions for web series in Sturbridge-Avast mateys for pirate tv

OurFilmSpace and associated entities (OurTVSpace) may not make Sturbridge the center of web based media, but it will not be for want of effort. To that end, an open casting call for the new web series, Boojum.Tv was held at their Sturbridge Marketplace studios on Sunday. It was not only the Boojum series but for S-Network Tv Hosts, a shopping network and Spec Web Video Commercials for video commercials.

Doug and Melinda Kirpatrick, impresarios of OurFilmSpace and writer, Adam Campbell were empaneled for the audition, but they were not all.

Fran Bouska and Rebecca Walton are Plymouth Casting. They too put the auditionees through their paces. People did monologues and improv and everyone appeared more than happy to be doing there.

Plymout Casting
Afterward, it was off to stand before a green screen to answer questions from Casey and Dave of the upcoming Casey and Dave Show.

All this for a part in a pirate TV webseries or a shopping channel or maybe a commercial.

Frank Cacciola and Anna Prymak greeted the attendees as they arrived and put them at ease.

Photo above is Team Plymouth Casting and friends. Front row from left, Rebecca Walton and Francine Bouska. To their right is Madame X who would not identify herself, but was my foil in improv. Above them are Suzanne and Anna. Sorrry for photo quality, new camera and incompetent photographer.

Plymouth Casting has a mission is to provide a diverse database of talent, both union and non-union, at absolutely no cost to the actor. To register for free, click here.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Your chance to be in a movie in Central Mass

Okay, it might not be that Brad or Angelina role, but what the heck. If you'd like some fun check this out.

Snowflake Teaser Trailer Shoot at The Mansion House

We are looking for 30 extras from OurFilmSpace to be featured in the trailer. We will be shooting in the club before they open, exact start time is TBD, but you must be available to be in Worcester by 6pm and stay the night. The bar will open for us at 8:30 pm once we have completed shooting. 18 plus only. You must be 21 to drink alcohol(obviously).

Email kristen@snowflake-movie.com with a headshot.


WORCESTER – The local team behind the upcoming feature film “Snowflake” will be generating interest in the production by shooting an advance "teaser" trailer at a Worcester nightclub on Saturday, April 25th.

The location for the two-day shoot is Worcester’s premier nightspot, Mansion House, situated above the Irish Times Pub at 244 Main Street. Formerly REHAB, which won “best nightclub” honors three years running, the club has been given a complete overhaul with a state-of-the-art vibe that immediately appealed to the film’s producers, Goldilocks Productions.

Among the local filmmakers behind “Snowflake” are producers Kristen Lucas and Amy Devlin of Goldilocks Productions, Editor and Director Noah Lydiard, Co-Writer Kyle Perzanoski, Director of Photography Dan Rosario, and Music Supervisor Keith “Klep” Napier. Katherine “Kat” Slatery, the accomplished break-dancer and actress playing the title role, will be flying up from her home base in Atlanta to film the trailer.

To fill Mansion House with actors and extras for the shoot, the filmmakers will be reaching out to local residents as well as the online film community via OurFilmSpace.com. The one-and-half-minute teaser will be used as part of a campaign promoting the project on the www.snowflake-movie.com website as well as virally on the Internet. Goldilocks Productions will debut the teaser trailer at a film festival this June in Miami.

As she did with previous Goldilocks productions such as the locally-produced short film “Third Date,” Lucas is enlisting area businesses and investors interested in independent film and helping “Snowflake” come to the screen. In addition to the use of Mansion House, for example, Colonel Boothe, co-owner of Muncheez Pizza (www.muncheezpizzeria.com) in Tatnuck Square, is donating food for the cast and crew and the Boston fashion design company, Bless by Bless Couture (www.blessbybless.com), is donating wardrobe to the project that will be featured in the teaser trailer. The production is looking for support from other local businesses for food, wardrobe, props, and any other items that would come in handy over the two-day shoot.