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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Auditions for web series in Sturbridge-Avast mateys for pirate tv

OurFilmSpace and associated entities (OurTVSpace) may not make Sturbridge the center of web based media, but it will not be for want of effort. To that end, an open casting call for the new web series, Boojum.Tv was held at their Sturbridge Marketplace studios on Sunday. It was not only the Boojum series but for S-Network Tv Hosts, a shopping network and Spec Web Video Commercials for video commercials.

Doug and Melinda Kirpatrick, impresarios of OurFilmSpace and writer, Adam Campbell were empaneled for the audition, but they were not all.

Fran Bouska and Rebecca Walton are Plymouth Casting. They too put the auditionees through their paces. People did monologues and improv and everyone appeared more than happy to be doing there.

Plymout Casting
Afterward, it was off to stand before a green screen to answer questions from Casey and Dave of the upcoming Casey and Dave Show.

All this for a part in a pirate TV webseries or a shopping channel or maybe a commercial.

Frank Cacciola and Anna Prymak greeted the attendees as they arrived and put them at ease.

Photo above is Team Plymouth Casting and friends. Front row from left, Rebecca Walton and Francine Bouska. To their right is Madame X who would not identify herself, but was my foil in improv. Above them are Suzanne and Anna. Sorrry for photo quality, new camera and incompetent photographer.

Plymouth Casting has a mission is to provide a diverse database of talent, both union and non-union, at absolutely no cost to the actor. To register for free, click here.

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