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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Filming a web commercial

Above, Adam Garfield, DP and Co-Director of OurTvSpace New Media Fellow Commercial Shoot!

So why do I harp on the new media activities that are going on at OurTvSpace in Sturbridge? Well, because the offices and studios at the Sturbridge Marketplace represent a serious investment. Clearly, the impresarios, Doug and Melinda Kirkpatrick are making an effort to turn the facility into the capital of new media in Massachusetts.

They keep trying new stuff. The recently recorded FoodPerfectTv episode should be ready soon enough. Not content to stop there, yesterday they recorded a web commercial. The commercial will promote The New Media Fellowship (link at right), a scriptwriting course of study and work for which a stipend has been advanced.

Above:Rodrigo Santos as "Joe the Writer"!

So the two merge here. Is there a synergy? Sometimes it seems all culture, if not all life is migrating to the web. We see daily newspapers die because of the internet competition of easily accessible news and the replacement of the classified by sites such as Craigslist and Monster. Will broadcast and cable news be next. Heck, I listen to my favorite radio station streamed so why not just get it all web based? I do loathe the idea of movies all being straight to the net, but will Hulu showing the way, there may be an inevitability.

Of course, the path is not even beginning to be known and how it will be played out is anyone’s guess. With that in mind, Doug has started The New England Web Tv Association (NEWTvA). It is a networking group for producers, talent or crew interested in web programming. There will be a monthly event to that end. The first NewTVNight will be Friday, May 22, 2009. Location to be determined.

Victoria Saunders plays "Carrie" the OurTvSpace New Media Fellow Host!

Rober Pfeiffer on Sound on the OurTvSpace New Media Fellow Shoot!

Watch this space.

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