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Monday, May 25, 2009

New TV Night a success

I don’t like to travel too far from my comfort zone of Central Massachusetts. If I am going to hit the road on that piece of real highway robbery, The Mass Pike, I hope the trip is for something worthwhile.

So it was with hope I traveled to Ken’s Steakhouse in Framingham on Friday night. The Our TV Space folks with headquarters in Sturbridge, are always making an effort to make something happen in new media. I’d hate to see their efforts go for naught. And the denouement? An overflow crowd showed up for New TV Night. Odd to say for a writer, but I’m not the best schmoozer, but even I enjoyed mingling with the liked minded folk who were networking or just enjoying themselves.

There were a lot of trailers shown. The trailer for Kristen Lucas’ Snowflake, had a great twist for its ending (I’ll be posting more about this during the week).

Locals who went to Hollywood to make a movie brought it home. The trailer for Still Green had a lot of California sunshine. Georgia Menides wrote Still Green. Young as she is, this is hardly her first credit. Doug Lloyd, producer, also has other experience. Probably most interesting to Massachusetts fans is that he has worked with the Longview Recording Studio in North Brookfield. Associate Producer, Paul C. McKinney, graduated from Nichols and escaped from the corporate world. You can see it at the Coolidge Corner Theater May 27 an 28.

David Garfield showed the trailer from the suitcase. This is a movie with baggage.

I got to speak with David Lisle, who is trying to do something in Central Massachusetts (maybe). He is working on a web series, Soul Stealers. More about this in the future.

There were other trailers that were shown and deserve mention, but I have only so much time.

Part of what the Our TV Space folks are trying to do is internet commercials. The market for the product is projected to be vast. They premiered their first one on Friday. It was well enough done that we watched it twice.

I spoke with a lot of people during the evening and am ashamed to say, I forgot a lot of names. There were other trailers as well. It was all fun.

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