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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Melinda's Menu Loses Lease

Above:Dave and Melinda Frawley with adopted Mom

Melinda's Menu has been in the Sturbridge Marketplace since forever, or so it seems. Sadly, the nook has lost its lease and will be replaced by a Subway franchisee.

Last night, at OurTvSpace.com's place at the same location folks gathered for a time for Melinda and Dave and to support them in their next endeavor. Yeah, MM is closing, but the evening did not at all have the tenor of a wake. Everyone was upbeat and enjoying themselves.

I got to have a few words with Melinda and Dave. They do have plans to move on and start another place. They have known they were not wanted in the Marketplace for a while now. The new building owner has wanted Subway in there. Now with the lease up, there is no choice.

Myself, I have nothing against Subway. I'll occasionally have one of their sandwiches. Still, it is regrettable that in a historic building, local color must give way to a fast food outlet. It is only my humble opinion, but a chain logo reduces the mill's cachet.

Hollywood in Sturbridge wishes The Frawley's good luck and will be watching for their next culinary incarnation. Kudos to Melinda and Doug Kirkpatrick of OurTvSpace for being the impetus for the evening.

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Anja said...

My husband and I enjoyed eating at Melinda's Menu and will miss them! I don't have anything against Subway, but I will not be stopping in there, instead I will go to other family owned places.