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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Save The Film Credit, again

I’m a little late to this, but Chuck Slavin noted on Facebook that the Massachusetts Senate voted 35-6 to conduct another study on the tax credit’s impact to the economy, as opposed to killing the tax credit.

Of course, who does the study and how they feel about the credit is all important. Well, even more important is how you, my fellow citizen and taxpayer feel about it. If you think having a film industry in Massachusetts is a good thing, please click here for a link to contact your rep and senator and tell him so.

There is also the possibility you don’t think it is important. As one of my commenters stated in reply to a previous column,

Tax CREDITS are not tax breaks. They can be sold like cash. Frequently they are sold (assigned) to another company that has nothing to do with film production.

Just another corporate welfare scam to soak gullible taxpayers. Hollywood is playing states and countries off each other as they grease the wheels on the race to the bottom.

They won't even say thanks when they head to another state with bigger suckers.

In the words of Winston Churchill, that is true but not exhaustive. There is no business that locates anywhere that does not take into consideration the tax climate. As someone with a libertarian outlook, I think it would be wonderful if the Commonwealth had a tax policy that made our state attractive to many, if not all, industries. Unfortunately, this is Massachusetts and we have to take what we can get. And we'll get an industry. Please listen to Nick Paleogolos below and you will see what Massachusetts gets out of its incentives.

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