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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Star Coop Debuts in Sturbridge

No, the image above is not the retro HQ of the new Star Coop that had its first event today. No matter. A steady stream of visitors came by the OurTvSpace offices in the Sturbridge Market Place.

Above is Keri Fairbrother who brought her breads and scones and focaccia.

And why shouldn't Sturbridge and environs have a food coop. Melinda and Doug Kirkpatrick have been working to bring new media to the area. While living in California, they loved the markets and availability of fresh, local food. So that's another thing they would love to bring home to our region.

Above is Aangita Desai showing the expert henna work she did on Tricia Normandin of Body Dezines

There was a small group of vendors that made for a pleasant display of what could be in Sturbridge. We do lack for this here. The coop would love to find out what people want in this area. Doug and Melinda plan to set up a social networking site for people to network about what they are looing for in a food coop.

When I saw these pictures, I knew they were Julie Caprera's even though I had not met her. They were in the same original style that had graced the walls of the old Sturbridge Baking Company. Part of what made having coffee there such a great experience.

At left is Sadie Moore of Alternatives for Health and the table of herbs they had on display to the right.

The coop plans monthly events to continue and be open to the public. Each monthly event will feature interesting people who will share a talent or knowledge that members and visitors will find useful and maybe exciting. Chefs, authors. writers of cookbooks and others will visit and impart expertise.

There will be more information forthcoming so watch this space.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Suitcase Premiere-Pack your bag for the event of the season

Okay, I know this isn't about Sturbridge and environs, but it is going to be a great event. Below is the article I wrote about it for the Examiner.

I don’t know why I keep thinking of this joke in thinking of the movie, The Suitcase. It is about a married couple and I’ll make it gender neutral.

“Honey, pack your bags, I just won mega bucks.”

“That’s great. Should I pack my bags for the mountains or the seashore?”

“I don’t care what you pack for. Just pack up and get out.”

Yeah, lame. I know.

The Suitcase movie should be a lot better. I met David at when he directed the filming of the New Media Fellowship Commercial. He is a focused film maker. He started acting at age seven and making films at thirteen. His dad, Kurt was an actor. He could no more escape the world of film than his subjects can unpack the suitcase.

From the Somerville News:

The script, written by David Garfield, includes several separate stories tied together by ownership of the suitcase. Sporadic flashbacks of back-story are in black and white film noire adding to the tension, as we follow each new owner. Unusual phenomena and bizarre psychological effects can only be explained by learning about the original owner of the object, a deranged door to door salesman. Is it just his psychotic behavior that makes an old suitcase torment its victims or is there more? In a final twist, the chilling conclusion will leave you speechless.

Shot in 35mm FilmStream and utilizing elaborate special effects,intentional 'B' quality movie design, and additional music by Timothy Maurice, this film pays homage to Hitchcock visual style of story telling. The full story has been kept under careful secrecy with less than a handful of the cast even knowing the actual ending of the film.

I understand the Hitchcock idea, but the narration on the trailer sounded Serlingesque.

This is a real local indie, having been shot in and around Boston, Chelmsford as well as Nashua and Rhode Island.

This Saturday, at 7:30p.m., I’m going to the show at The Regent Theater on 7 Medford Street in Arlington. It is pegged at the website as a Hollywood Style Red Carpet affair with the feature cast attending. There is an after party across the street. A lot of the folks involved in the New England film scene will be there.
For more info: to buy tickets online go here. For the facebook page, click here

Monday, July 20, 2009

Light of Knowing auditions a great success

Down at OurFilmSpace/OurTvSpace digs at the Sturbridge Marketplace a serious event took place yesterday. No one was morose, in fact all seemed to be enjoying the time. Still, when you are casting a series, you want to give due consideration to the performers.

Aspiring cast members arrived steadily after 1:00p.m. They were given sides (i.e. small bits of script) and an area to prepare. When called, they went before the team above. Two actors read together from the script and then did some improv. Each finished up with a monologue.

Those chosen will perform in a web series called Light of Knowing about a murder in a monastery over a book that contains an ancient secret of a pathway to the divine.

The folks in the picture above are Doug Kirkpatrick who with his wife Melinda are the impresarios behind OFS and OTS, Skip Shea, actor and film maker. Also, John Hartman of Reel Groovy Films. To the right is http://www.ourfilmspace.com/profile/ZeeUnfoldingStoryPictures of Unfolding Story Pictures. They put the auditionees through their paces.

So, a new web series is coming and we'll keep you informed about its progress. Watch this space.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Your chance to be in a web series, auditions Saturday in Sturbridge

The folks at OurFilmSpace and OurTVSpace are holding auditions for the teaser trailer

OurTvSpace, LLC is in preproduction on a Teaser Trailer for its project “Light of Knowing”! The “Light of Knowing” Teaser Trailer will shoot in mid-August over several weekends. Auditions for the Teaser Trailer will be on Sunday, July 19, 2009 at 1:00 p.m. at OurTvSpace Studio in Sturbridge! ( 559 Main Street, First Floor, Sturbridge, MA 01518Both Non-Union and Union are welcome to Audition! A breakdown of the cast and sides will be available shortly! Crew positions are available!

A bizarre murder in a monastery secluded in the hills of western Massachusetts reveals the centuries long struggle to protect a secret ancient book (called “Light of Knowing”) which is believed to contain mystical powers – and a pathway to the discovery of forming a perfect union with the divine! A web series culminates with the publishing of the book – “Light of Knowing”! Also - DVD and cable style program in development!

Click here to rsvp.

About the picture, After a preproduction meeting, our team visited a monastery on a location scout! In the skies were fierce clouds, gorgeous bolts of lightning, followed by torrential rains, hail, and then...a double rainbow! The double rainbow photos were shot on an I-Phone! What a great sign for a great start! This Project is a life changer! Will be filming in High Def and Some Footage in 16mm. John Hartman is directing

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Eternal vigilance is the price of a film credit

Another let’s bash the film tax credit piece in the dead tree media. Hey, if it isn’t the Glub it’s gotta be....... the Herald. Plus ├ža change, the more articles about how we are getting ripped off.

Hard hitting news lass, Hillary Chabot, notes from a DOR report that “Massachusetts lost $95.5 million last year alone chasing a silver screen pipe dream - and is on the hook for another $250 million over the next two years - according to the astonishing report, quietly released on the DOR Web site just before the July 4th weekend.”

She reinforces it with a hard hitting quote from state Rep. Steven D’Amico (D-Seekonk), “That $95 million would go a long way to plugging some of the holes in our budget.” No, Stevie, cleaning up the pensions mess might, but cutting out the tax credit won’t.

Hillary was nice enough to get a quote from reg Bialecki, Patrick’s secretary of house and economic development. One must wonder how professional she or her journal are as his title is Secretary of Housing and Economic Development. I guess attention to detail is not a priority.

Nor is investigative journalism. Other than an off the cuff remark form the Secretary. Had she dug a little, she could have asked the point man with the film industry here in the Bay State, Nick Paleologos. Nick is Executive Director of the Mass Film Office.

The MFO has a page that details what the Film Credit has done for the Commonwealth. The headline is a good start, DOR: MOVIE SPENDING IN MA IS $676 MILLION.

One of the implications of Chabot’s writing is all the work goes to outsiders. Well, certainly they should be calling moi instead of Leonardo di Caprio, but so what. When Leo works here he pays taxes on the gazillions he makes just as if he were born and bred here. Nicks nicely makes that point here.

Baystaters do get jobs in the industry. According to the MFO, Since 2006, direct employment of Massachusetts residents in film production increased by 537%. Not only that there is a detailed table in the article that Hillary as a heavy hitting journalist might want to look at. The

As a not simon pure libertarian, I think a reform of the state’s tax and spending process across the board would be in order. That will never happen unless there is a budget crisis of nuclear melt down proportions. As that is doubtful, a measure that increases jobs is not to be sneered at.

One of my early political memories is how Massachusetts lost representation after the 1960 census because population declined. In each decennial head count since that I have been paying attention, we’ve lost a rep in Congress.

People leave here for many reasons. Some because of the winters. Many because the work is not here. Other than the long over hi tech boom, we are not a job generating state. People don’t leave Massachusetts because the unemployment benefits are inadequate.

Why should Hillary care. She has a job. Granted, she could do better at it.

When Fidelity threatens to leave, Beacon Hill trips over itself with favors. They didn’t deliver much to Hollywood East and they are building a state of the art studio.

If you want to defend the credits, contact your rep and senator. Link here.

Update-The Herald more than redeemed itself with an editorial entitled Still the reel deal. It nicely ties to together all the points in other articles.

Hat tips, Chuck Slavin and New England Talent and Crew among others.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion-July Edition

The July edition of the Sturbridge Times Magazine has been mailed out and there are contributions by yours truly.

On Page 2 The new Sturbridge Food Coop is in the spotlight. The first meeting will be July 26 at the Sturbridge Marketplace in the old Wrights space from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. You should check this out and go.

Page 4 has the story of the Hamant Brook revegatation project undertaken by Darcy Foley and her class. She has to be one of the most enthusiastic teachers I've ever seen.

Page 6 has the story of two Sturbridge lads who have just released a CD. Tall Heights is Tim Harrington and Paul Wright, local boys making good. If you haven't heard them yet, come to their Sturbridge Concert on the Common appearance, July 30.

There are many other great articles this month. If you do not get it delivered you can read it online here or pick it up at any of the locations listed below. Just click on the graphic.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our Film Space Announces Summer Workshops

From Our Film Space:

Shhhhhhh! Whisper Series - OurFilmSpace First Summer Workshops are Here!!! Follow your Dream!

The OurFilmSpace/OurTvSpace “Whisper Series” Kicks off the Summer in Full Tilt with Workshops at OurTvSpace Studio in Sturbridge, Massachusetts and will be adding more workshop offerings very soon! Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone! Just the world!!

1. Screenwriting Workshop

It Ain’t on the Stage if it Ain’t on the Page! Learn how to Write Your Very Own Screenplay! Write it and Shoot it Here!


In this six week workshop, you will outline an entire screenplay and complete the first act of a screenplay. Work through the most important aspects of a screenplay including development of story, characters, and great dialogue. Workshop-style classes led by award-winning screenwriter!

Workshop taught by Adam Campbell. Adam is a writer living in Western Massachusetts after living in California for many years. Adam has won many screenwriting awards, including the coveted “Chesterfield” award (Chesterfield Production Company) in two separate years which resulted in a fellowship with Amblin Entertainment - Steven Spielberg’s company. Adam was also a quarter finalist in the distinguished “Nicholl Fellowship” sponsored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Adam’s screenplay entitled “Wind and Shadows” was optioned by the Chesterfield Film Company and by producer Mark Marshall (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone). Adam’s teleplay “Honey We’re Young at Heart” was produced as an episode of “Walt Disney’s Honey I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show,” and airs on the Disney Channel. Adam is the Head Writer of “Oldbury Hill” – an episodic web series on OurTvSpace.com.

Workshops are on Tuesdays 6:30 – 8:30– Six-week Session begins July 14

Workshop Fee - $250 for six weeks

Limited Enrollment so Sign Up ASAP!

Click Here to Check Out and RSVP to the Screenwriting Workshop Event!

2. Hollywood Body Boot Camp in 6 Weeks!

6 Weeks to a Hollywood Body:

Look Fit and Fabulous with the Secrets of the Stars!

An easy yet extremely effective way to:

-Supercharge your metabolism

- Melt away fat and inches

-Sculpt, reshape & balance your muscle groups

This amazing 6-week program is based upon the training techniques and methods developed by Steve Zim, one of Hollywood’s top trainers and fitness experts. Recently called “Guru of Fitness” by Muscle magazine, Steve has worked with well-known celebrity clients, and he has been a fitness expert on Weekend Today, Extra, Access Hollywood, and VH1. He has also been featured in numerous major magazines.

Steve owns and operates a training center in Los Angeles.

Classes taught by Mark Perrone. Mark has worked in the health & fitness industry for over 25 years as a competitor, coach and certified personal trainer. He is energetic, upbeat and innovative. He has worked with a vast array of clients from individuals, teams, health clubs and national organizations. Mark is one of New England’s foremost authorities on training and conditioning for all sports. Mark has extensive experience as a certified personal trainer.

Classes are on Mondays 6:30 – 7:45 – Six-week Session begins July 13

Class Fee - $97 for six weeks

Limited Enrollment So Sign Up ASAP!

Click Here to Check Out and RSVP to the Event!

3. Beginning Photography Workshop


This 8 week photography workshop is for people with little to no background in photography. The class concentrates on many areas of photography each week exploring a new one. Creative and technical instruction will be presented through lectures, study of the great masters of photography, a small history of photography, and in class critiques and in class photo shoots. The workshop will cover portrait photography, photojournalism/documentary photography, motion photography, and night photography. Each class, we will cover one of these subjects, be given an assignment and next week critiquing one another’s work and covering a new subject.

Workshop taught by Lindsay Monroe. Lindsay grew up outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Lindsay fell in love with photography when she was 10 years old when her father (an Artist in his own right and mastermind of the popular musical band "American Standard") showed her around his dark room for the first time. When she was 16, she got her first position as an assistant to a portraiture and wedding photographer at Vaugh Photography. Lindsay continued to work in the portraiture field with Hilton Photography until the year 2003 when she decided to take the next step and attend New England School of Photography (NESOP) in Boston Massachusetts, where she studied under amazing photographers such as Arthur Rainville, Bruno Debas, Bob Jenks, Laura Paneida and many more. Lindsay recently had a one woman several month showing of her magnificent photography work at the gallery at the Sprinkler Factory in Worcester. One of her pieces from that gallery showing covers almost an entire wall at OurTvSpace!

Requirements: A digital or film SLR ( Single Lens Reflex) camera, with complete manual functions (manual, shutter, and aperture).

Workshops are on Wednesdays – 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. Eight week session begins on July 15

Workshop Fee - $280 for 8 weeks

The cost includes a black Itoya portfolio to hold all of your photography work, 10 professional 8x10 or 8x12 prints, 2 matted and framed photos for Elegant Gallery Exhibition Event Featuring Your Work at the end of the course at OurTv Space Studio (invite friends and family!).

Limited Enrollment So Sign Up ASAP!

Check out and RSVP to the Event - Click Here!

4. Beginning Photoshop


In this 10 week workshop, you will learn to use several tools for selecting parts of images, and will move, duplicate, and resize images. You will learn to use layers, and to apply layer effects and filters to create special effects, including lighting and texture effects. Additionally, you will use painting tools and blending modes to create shading effects, and will perform adjustments to contrast and color balance. Retouching of skin and restoring of old photographs.

Workshop Objectives:

Identify the differences between raster and vector graphics, and manipulate Photoshop’s
various graphic tools and controls.

Select appropriate resolutions for different image and output types, and resize and crop
image areas.

Select image areas using the Lasso, Marquee, and Magic Wand tools, and use alpha
channels to save and load selections.

Create and manipulate multiple layers to composite images easily.

Apply blending and shading effects to create realistic composites.

Identify the characteristics of grayscale, duotone, and color images.

Select colors using the Color palette, Color Picker, and Eyedropper tool, and use
Photoshop’s painting tools to create artwork or to retouch photographs.

Add and format text within an image, and apply layer effects and filters to create special
effects including lighting effects and textures.

Modify the brightness, contrast, color balance, hue and saturation of images.

Workshops taught by Joshua Johnson, a long time professional photographer and photoshop expert.


A computer with Photoshop. (Laptop computer preferable)

A Final Project will be printed and matted (included in cost of session) and included in the Elegant Gallery Exhibition Event at OurTvSpace Studio (invite friends and family) at the end of the course.

Workshops are on Thursdays – 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. – Ten-week Session begins on July 16

Class Fee - $400 for 10 weeks

Limited Enrollment So Sign Up ASAP!

Click Here to Check out the Event and RSVP!

5. Hatha Yoga for Artists

Strengthen Your Body, Quiet Your Mind

*Find your Inner Self and Open Creative Pathways

*Learn proper body alignment to prevent and heal injuries

*Strengthen and stretch all major muscle groups

*Improve your performance in your artistic endeavours or your favorite sport

*Yoga is a great complement to gym workouts and other athletic activities

These 75 minute six week workshops will include an opening meditation, a series of asanas (poses) designed to align and open your body and quiet your mind, and a closing savasana (resting pose).

Taught by Johanna Lyman. Johanna teaches Hatha Yoga and has been practicing and studying Anusara yoga for several years and is a long time yoga student. She is currently working on becoming certified as an Anusara Inspired teacher. Johanna is also a Spiritual Love Coach, certified through Coach University.

Please wear comfortable clothes: yoga pants or elastic-waisted shorts and a t-shirt or tank top.

Please bring: water, a yoga mat, and a cushion or blanket to sit on for the opening meditation.
Classes are on Mondays 4:00 – 5:15 p.m. – Six-week session begins July 13 and ends August 31. No class on July 27 or August 24.

Class Fee - $90 for six weeks

Limited Enrollment So Sign Up ASAP!

Click Here to Check out the Event and RSVP!

OurTvSpace Studio in Sturbridge, MA is conveniently located off the Mass Pike and is approximately a half hour from Worcester, and only one hour from Hartford, Springfield, Boston and Providence, and is within a reasonable commute to New York City. OurTvSpace Studio is located in a renovated millyard (Sturbridge Marketplace at the Falls) in historic Sturbridge, Massachusetts. The Studio space (5,000 square feet plus) is newly renovated but still retains the Building’s original character, including brick walls, hardwood floors and high ceilings.

Please call or email info@ourtvspace.com if you need any more information. Class registration fees can be made payable to and mailed to OurTvSpace, LLC at the address below or pay by Paypal!. Enrollment is limited so Sign up ASAP!

OurTvSpace, LLC
Sturbridge Marketplace at the Falls
559 Main Street, First Floor
P.O. Box 165
Sturbridge, MA 01518
(774) 241-0430