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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Star Coop Debuts in Sturbridge

No, the image above is not the retro HQ of the new Star Coop that had its first event today. No matter. A steady stream of visitors came by the OurTvSpace offices in the Sturbridge Market Place.

Above is Keri Fairbrother who brought her breads and scones and focaccia.

And why shouldn't Sturbridge and environs have a food coop. Melinda and Doug Kirkpatrick have been working to bring new media to the area. While living in California, they loved the markets and availability of fresh, local food. So that's another thing they would love to bring home to our region.

Above is Aangita Desai showing the expert henna work she did on Tricia Normandin of Body Dezines

There was a small group of vendors that made for a pleasant display of what could be in Sturbridge. We do lack for this here. The coop would love to find out what people want in this area. Doug and Melinda plan to set up a social networking site for people to network about what they are looing for in a food coop.

When I saw these pictures, I knew they were Julie Caprera's even though I had not met her. They were in the same original style that had graced the walls of the old Sturbridge Baking Company. Part of what made having coffee there such a great experience.

At left is Sadie Moore of Alternatives for Health and the table of herbs they had on display to the right.

The coop plans monthly events to continue and be open to the public. Each monthly event will feature interesting people who will share a talent or knowledge that members and visitors will find useful and maybe exciting. Chefs, authors. writers of cookbooks and others will visit and impart expertise.

There will be more information forthcoming so watch this space.

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