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Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Suitcase Premiere-Pack your bag for the event of the season

Okay, I know this isn't about Sturbridge and environs, but it is going to be a great event. Below is the article I wrote about it for the Examiner.

I don’t know why I keep thinking of this joke in thinking of the movie, The Suitcase. It is about a married couple and I’ll make it gender neutral.

“Honey, pack your bags, I just won mega bucks.”

“That’s great. Should I pack my bags for the mountains or the seashore?”

“I don’t care what you pack for. Just pack up and get out.”

Yeah, lame. I know.

The Suitcase movie should be a lot better. I met David at when he directed the filming of the New Media Fellowship Commercial. He is a focused film maker. He started acting at age seven and making films at thirteen. His dad, Kurt was an actor. He could no more escape the world of film than his subjects can unpack the suitcase.

From the Somerville News:

The script, written by David Garfield, includes several separate stories tied together by ownership of the suitcase. Sporadic flashbacks of back-story are in black and white film noire adding to the tension, as we follow each new owner. Unusual phenomena and bizarre psychological effects can only be explained by learning about the original owner of the object, a deranged door to door salesman. Is it just his psychotic behavior that makes an old suitcase torment its victims or is there more? In a final twist, the chilling conclusion will leave you speechless.

Shot in 35mm FilmStream and utilizing elaborate special effects,intentional 'B' quality movie design, and additional music by Timothy Maurice, this film pays homage to Hitchcock visual style of story telling. The full story has been kept under careful secrecy with less than a handful of the cast even knowing the actual ending of the film.

I understand the Hitchcock idea, but the narration on the trailer sounded Serlingesque.

This is a real local indie, having been shot in and around Boston, Chelmsford as well as Nashua and Rhode Island.

This Saturday, at 7:30p.m., I’m going to the show at The Regent Theater on 7 Medford Street in Arlington. It is pegged at the website as a Hollywood Style Red Carpet affair with the feature cast attending. There is an after party across the street. A lot of the folks involved in the New England film scene will be there.
For more info: to buy tickets online go here. For the facebook page, click here

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