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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Your chance to be in a web series, auditions Saturday in Sturbridge

The folks at OurFilmSpace and OurTVSpace are holding auditions for the teaser trailer

OurTvSpace, LLC is in preproduction on a Teaser Trailer for its project “Light of Knowing”! The “Light of Knowing” Teaser Trailer will shoot in mid-August over several weekends. Auditions for the Teaser Trailer will be on Sunday, July 19, 2009 at 1:00 p.m. at OurTvSpace Studio in Sturbridge! ( 559 Main Street, First Floor, Sturbridge, MA 01518Both Non-Union and Union are welcome to Audition! A breakdown of the cast and sides will be available shortly! Crew positions are available!

A bizarre murder in a monastery secluded in the hills of western Massachusetts reveals the centuries long struggle to protect a secret ancient book (called “Light of Knowing”) which is believed to contain mystical powers – and a pathway to the discovery of forming a perfect union with the divine! A web series culminates with the publishing of the book – “Light of Knowing”! Also - DVD and cable style program in development!

Click here to rsvp.

About the picture, After a preproduction meeting, our team visited a monastery on a location scout! In the skies were fierce clouds, gorgeous bolts of lightning, followed by torrential rains, hail, and then...a double rainbow! The double rainbow photos were shot on an I-Phone! What a great sign for a great start! This Project is a life changer! Will be filming in High Def and Some Footage in 16mm. John Hartman is directing

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