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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion-August Edition

The August edition of the Sturbridge Times Magazine has been mailed out and there are contributions by yours truly.

On Page 4 Is an article Vacationing Elsewhere. Three Sturbridge families and their Summer breaks. Ginger and Carl Peabody choose adventure. The Saloios choose La Dolce Vita in La Toscania. Tom Chamberland does service.

On Page 15 there is a review of the Film Now U Know. Documentary Delivers Several Reasons to Reflect is the story of the opposition to the Southbridge Landfill. Before this article had come out, I posted about the film both in Hollywood in Sturbridge and in the Examiner. I received some comments that the Documetary did not tell the other side. Fair enough. It is advocacy. There is however nothing wrong with that. Edward R. Murrow is considered a hero and he was no slouch in advocating for a cause in his CBS Reports.

One thing I loved about the last Harry Potter book was JK Rowling's take on the idea of the Greater Good. There is no oppression that can't be excused as the greater good. Sorry, if only one person is harmed by the landfill, those who benefit should have to make that person whole.

Still, the law is the law, and if Casella dotted all is and crossed all the ts, then the fault is not with them, but us as voters and neighbors. If Casella would like to put their position in this blog, fair is fair. I am happy to accommodate them.

Page 22 has my column. Au Revoir, Cher Ami is about a friend we shall never see again.

There are many other great articles this month. If you do not get it delivered you can read it online here or pick it up at any of the locations listed below. Just click on the graphic.

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