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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Star Coop Second Market-A Great Time Had By All

When we got to the Star Coop Market held today at the OurTvSpace.com offices in the Sturbridge Market Place, vendors were already setting up. We were there for the second market held by this new food co-op a venture long overdue in Sturbridge.

The first picture I took was of the farmer above who raises Beefalo. No, He is not Beefalo Bill, he is Mark from Wild Mountain Farm. He raises not only beefalo, but beef, goat and lamb as well up in West Brookfield. You can find out more at the website, wildmountainbeefalo.com.

If you are a dog person, you will understand the name of the business of our next victim, pictured above. I'm not spoiled is the name of Linda Giles' operation. Linda makes dog treats that have only the purpose of spoiling your pooch. You can email her at ImNotSpoiledPetTreats@gmail.com.

When she isn't working on movies, Susan Davis makes soaps and lip balms. You can visit SUZ Bath and Body at www.SUZworld.etsy.com.

Route 148 landmark, Lamoureux Greenhouses brought a lot of green stuff. It was a treat to have them there with everything from bonsai to herbs. Come and see them at the next market, but while you wait see them at www.lamoureuxgreenhouses.com.

Velvet Greene just over the line on Route 20 in Brimfield also brightened the day by bringing greenery. They are on the web at www.velvetgreene.com.
Kerri Fairbrother of the great scones brought her baked goods. She is hoping to open a bakery. Wishing her well, we do want her to keep bringing her products to the Star Coop meetings.

Julie Caprera brought some color to the proceedings with here bright and well contrasted pictures that she painted. Her email address is juliecaprera@aol.com.

Music was provided by singer/song writer John Small who is also managing editor of The Sturbridge Times Magazine.

Daily Bread Bakery Cafe sent product as did Overlook Farm owned by my vet, Dr. LeDoux.

For those of us who have been involved in food coops and farmers markets, this was a good day for only a second effort. Credit has to be given to Melinda and Doug Kirkpatrick for all the organizing they've done. The next market will be at the same venue in late September. Stay tuned here or better yet go and join StarCo-op.Tv, the interactive community where you can be part of the coop, or just keep informed.


Kathryn said...

This was a great event. We bought cranberry bread and it's fabulous toasted. Wanted to buy some pumpkin brownies til we realized they were dog treats! Your beeswax cream is wonderfully smooth, Richard. Looking forward to the next event.
KAcciari - askmeaboutsturbridge.com

Richard Murphy said...


Thank you for the comment. Next time, please introduce yourself. Maybe you did and I just have early onset.