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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cinema history to be shown in Brookline.

This is not technically about the Sturbridge Area. It does have something to do with a recent Stubridge Times article.

In another life, when I was mispending my youth, I loved to go to the movies in Coolidge Corner. It was never, in my memory, a place for run of the mill hits. I saw some disappointments there, but there were also films that have never left my memory.

Tomorrow night, The Coolidge Corner theater will do something special. Cari Beauchamp, who wrote Joseph P. Kennedy Presents His Hollywood Years will introduce the film, The Trespasser. This was an early talkie and was produced by Joe Kennedy and featured his paramour, Gloria Swanson. It was directed by Eddie Goulding.

In Cari Beauchamp’s book, the making of The Trespasser is in itself a big part of Hollywood history. After a debacle in the making of the unfinished Queen Kelly, partially directed by the arguably insane Erich von Stroheim, Kennedy and Swanson needed a big comeback score. Thanks to the talented Goulding they got it.

Cari’s book is sort of a blockbuster. Though it is long, it could hardly be shorter. Joe’s life in the movie biz is her subject and there is a lot of subject. A full biography would have had to be at least another volume. No matter, you will turn all the pages. http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

Shameless self promotion, you can read my review at the Sturbridge Times Magazine. Click where it says download a pdf version and go to page 9.

For more info: About the event at the Coolidge Corner Theater, click here. You can go around the site and get time and directions. Cari Beauchamp's website is worth looking at too. Click .

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