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Saturday, September 26, 2009

The exiles' return-Tantasqua alums come back to make videos

Felipe Diaz-Arango snuck back into Sturbridge recently. Okay, he didn't sneak into town, but he didn't publicize it either. Alright, let's say it, Hollywood in Sturbridge wasn't on top of the story.

So who is this guy? In his own words,

Anyway, I graduated from Tantasqua and did their 2005 senior documentary with two other guys, we filmed this semi-famous milk bar scene spoof in our cafeteria that still gets talked about now and then. I've been living in Chicago ever since, and I've made some shorts since then most notably an adult slapstick comedy based on the geography game Carmen Sandiego that's 42 minutes long, I have it on youtube in 6 parts. But I've also done some experimental documentary and some short commercials for contests.

If you're curious, everything on this youtube channel is my work: www.youtube.com/BigOldFlip.

About what he is filming, again in the words of your man,

I don't want to give too much away but it's a parody on a popular political commentator. We shot some of it today and we'll shoot some more on saturday. The satire is a series of 4-5 videos, one or two minutes in length. So far they look good, even though it's only me working mic and sound and we have one actor. It's a very small production.

I watched the video that comes up on the page and a few others. Felipe has directorial talent. Making a parody of political commentators is working in a "target rich environment" to use a cliche. Sturbridge should hope for somehing good from the local boy. His team has a web site, http://www.stilldependentfilms.com/. The url gives you an idea of the site name.

The local angle is enhanced in that Felipe's fellow Tantasquan, Dan McNulty is playing the pundit. Dan is well known among the OurFilmSpace crowd and his member page is here.

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