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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Light of Knowing shoots for short in Sturbridge

Above: Doug Kikpatric and David Garfield get set to produce and direct

Light of Knowing is a web series to be shot in Sturbridge. A fundraiser is planned for the third of October at OurTVSpace at the Sturbridge Marketplace. The series will be about a bizarre murder in a monastery secluded in the hills of western Massachusetts that reveals the centuries long struggle to protect a secret ancient book (called “Light of Knowing”) which is believed to contain mystical powers – and a pathway to the discovery of forming a perfect union with the divine!

This past Sunday, at OurTvSpace an experiment took place. Actors and Actresses took part in making a short film to be shown at the Fundraiser. Those who may be part of the webisode responded to questions that probed their worldview. Doug Kirkpatrick asked the questions under the direction of David Garfield.

above: Sonya Joyner gets ready to actress

David Garfield directed and starred and produced the movie The Suitcase that recently premiered. He is having an encore screening. Click here for details. The Suitcase is hitchcock influenced with some Serlingesque overtones.

For those who were not part of the first shoot, another one is scheduled for September 26th. Details here.

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