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Monday, September 7, 2009

List of Film Festivals-Why not in the Sturbridge Areas?

Below is a list of film festivals that will take place in September and October.

I'll try to make this a regular feature. Film festivals are part of the infrastructure of our burgeoning film industry. Unfortunately, there is no local film festival I know of. I have been writing about film in the Sturbridge area and have noted how our region, with its tourist infrastructure is a natural for movies. Same for a film festival.

I have delusions that the Casino movie house in Ware will be refurbished and we will see the Quabbin and Quaboag Fall Film Festival arise. Well, people with delusions are often medicated because of their faulty vision. Still, one can hope.

Southern New England Independent Film Festival

The Southern New England Independent Film Festival will be held on September 19 & 20 in Newport.

The Southern New England Independent Film Festival is Uniting filmmakers in New England towards a common goal of making our region a major player in the business and to hopefully rival Hollywood.On our terms.

It is our belief that local filmmakers need a festival that doesn't cater to outside production from big studios alone while generally overlooking fresh talent right here in New England.We hope to show investors that we have plenty of home grown talent that is worth investing in.It is a festival run by filmmakers for filmmakers.We will be accepting films from Rhode Island,Massachusettes and Connecticut.

This year there will be a $500 Best of Festival award.


The Newburyport Documentary Film Festival

The Newburyport Documentary Film Festival is“The premiere documentary film festival in New England” and will be held September 25 thru 27 at various locations in historic downtown Newburyport, including, The Screening Room and The Firehouse Center for the Arts.


Ashfield Film Festival

The Ashfield Film Festival will be held on September 26.

Some Rules:

Anyone can enter but videos must have some connection to the town of Ashfield, Massachusetts (please see FAQ’s for more details)

Entries must be suitable for general audiences

Entries must be five minutes or less in DVD format

You don’t think a festival belongs in this out of the way place? Tell it to Cecil B. DeMille. He was born there. Don’t know why he left, this is a beautiful little town.


The Camden International Film Festival

The Camden International Film Festival (CIFF) is committed to supporting and generating interest in independent documentary films. The annual festival presents a snapshot of the cultural landscape through the year’s best non-fiction storytelling, connecting filmmakers with eager audiences and industry representatives to discuss documentary film as an art form, a catalyst for change and as an outlet for the independent voice.

The 5th Annual Camden International Film Festival will take place from October 1st - 4th, 2009, screening the best international documentary film to audiences in venues throughout Midcoast Maine.


The New Hampshire Film Festival

The New Hampshire Film Festival (NHFF) presents the best in recent independent cinema from throughout the United States and around the world to New Hampshire and New England audiences. Since its debut in 2001 as the New Hampshire Film Expo, the New Hampshire Film Festival has grown in leaps and bounds. These days, heavy hitters such as Avid and Regal Cinemas lend their sponsorship, while industry experts participate on panels and in workshops.

October 15, 16, 17, 18


The Boston Palestine Film Festival

The Boston Palestine Film Festival (BPFF) was established to showcase the extraordinary narrative of Palestinians through the medium of cinema to audiences in the New England area. The festival is sponsored by Tawassul, an organization committed to sharing and celebrating Palestinian arts and culture.

the BPFF will run fromOctober 16th to November 1st.


Boston Bike Film Festival

Friday and Saturday, October 23-24, 2009

Boston’s Original Bike Film Festival

Original films submitted by talented national and international filmmakers. There will be comedies, shorts and documentaries supporting local bicycle advocacy groups

There will be valet parking. Is it just for cars, or bikes too?


Vermont International Film Festival

Join us for the 19th Vermont International Film Festival (VIFF) on October 23-26, 2008, at Burlington’s Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center at Lake & College and Palace Cinema 9 in South Burlington. These two venues are VIFF’s generous hosts for one of the region’s most important cultural events of the year. The 2008 festival will present work by Vermont filmmakers, including a special showcase of college and university student films, and a select program of films from around the world.


Online Film Festivals

Online New England Film Festival

The 1st Annual Online New England Film Festival, presented by NewEnglandFilm.com, will launch as an online showcase of selected films from September 1, 2009 through October 15, 2009. The Online New England Film Festival will showcase films under 30 minutes in the following categories: animation, children/family, comedy, documentary, and drama.


100 Second Film Festival

At the simplest - the 100 Second Film Festival is a collection of short videos presented to an audience in person or through the medium of cable television or the Internet. These 100 second videos are collected via the Internet and snail mail after being promoted through a high energy low budget 'call for entries'.


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