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Saturday, October 31, 2009

EZTakes Movie Review-A Few Days in September

At the movie site called EZTakes, you can download movies of different genres that you don't usually get to see. You can see the movie reviews I do for them here.

Below is my review at EZTakes of an interesting French offering, A Few Days in September.

The French Are Better Lovers Than Spies- “A Few Days in September” - (No Comments)

By Richard Murphy ~ February 13th, 2009. Filed under: Drama, Film Noir.

Ah, poor Juliette Binoche. Ten years after her triumph as the nurse in the English Patient. Six years after her signature role in Chocolat. Still lovely in her forties. What could be wrong? Well, I suspect that she must be horribly upset that she was cast as Sarah Palin in a movie that came out two years before anyone knew, probably least of all Juliette, who the heck Sarah Palin is. The physical resemblance would be uncanny, but Mademoiselle Binoche tops it off with glasses and makes it even more eerie. Her voice doesn’t carry the Western twang of La Palin, but other than that, sounds like her, Of course, it is surreal in that Juliette gets to play with guns, just like the pistol packin mama from Alaska.

What do I know? Maybe Juliette revels in the resemblance to the Gov. Still the movie has that big bad American tone to it. "A Few Days in September" (French, Quelques Jours en Septembre) takes place in the days leading up to 9-11. Juliette was not really cast in the role of Sarah Palin. Rather, she is a French spy by the name of Irène Montano. She is bringing two young people to meet their father, Elliott (Nick Nolte), her former colleague. Only one of them is Elliot’s biological child and we can see where that’s headed a mile away. Still, it develops pleasantly.

John Turturro with credits like Reggie Simmons in Transformers knows how to seem disturbed. In this movie, if he wanted to solidify his standing as one of cinema’s greatest wingnuts, he proved it to me. The funny thing about this film is that as much as it wants to seem sinister, there is no great conspiracy chasing anyone. It is just Turturro playing William Pound, former colleague of Elliot. He had seen Elliot as a father figure and knows there is a problem. Thanks to a psychiatrist, he is off the deep end. He is dangerous enough all by himself.

Elliott has some crucial information, we are led to believe, about 9-11 to impart to financiers. There is no hint that this great uber spy is trying to save lives with his secret. His last moments are taken up with trying to make up to his daughter for his absence.

Sarah Forestier as Orlando and Tom riley as David play Elliott’s kid’s who are unrelated to each other. They start as enemies and end up, well, you know. Irène works to protect them, even though no one is really after them. No matter, they are both engaging.

Obviously, we don’t know everything about 9-11. The official committee left a lot of questions unanswered. So what? A Few Days in September, as polemic is lame. As a cat and mouse game between two agents with Venice as a backdrop, it has some charm. Turturro as a psycho doesn’t hurt, but Binoche is the best thing about the movie. One thing I learned from this picture, Governor Palin should think about taking up the habit of smoking cigarillos like Juliette.

Click here to download A Few Days in September.

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