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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Missing the Big E already!

Sunday was the final day of the Big E and our family made it there in the afternoon. The crowd was large and the weather lovely. Once close, it was a good wait in traffic, but we finally arrived. We did the rounds of all the buildings and enjoyed ourselves well enough. Excess was the order of the day and we took in all the food we could.Soon after entering, we walked up to the dairy barn. Milk Shakes were ordered after viewing the 600 Lb. butter sculpture.

As part of our training we had foregone eating much before arriving so the shake would have to suffice as we strolled through the building hyping chamois and other things you never needed. Then Farmarama and the horse arena and many other spots.

The production above is the type of thing my kids loved when they were little. Of course it bores them now at their advanced ages.

Finally, we arrived at the Avenue of the States. It was time to begin in earnest.
Tucker Seafood in the Rhode Island building purveys a concoction unique to the Ocean State, Quahog Chili. Add some of their Tangy Bang hot sauce and you are living.

Ah, the Maine Baked Potato with everything. I remember when I could eat two of them. That was a long time ago.

Ben and Jerry's is a great product, but in our current economic climate, I find it overpriced even in the "why pay less" atmosphere of the Big E. Oh well, we moseyed over to another part of the Vermont Building and drowned our sorrows with some of Wolavers' Pale Ale and Oat Stout.

The chocolate covered bacon was better than I thought it would be. I yield to no one in my love for both components, but was reticent to try them together. The verdict, it's okay, but I still like bacon and chocolate separately better.

The Mardi Gras parade was fun. I am so grateful my kids still enjoy it.

At the Big E, anything is possible. Do you feel lost in this world. They have a place where you can find yourself.

There were so other things to see here and it was over so fast. So we shall have to wait almost a whole year to partake of this mania again. I don't know how many more years mes enfants will tolerate going with us. There is always a point in time when accompanying parents becomes less and less fun. Already most things we shared are. Oh well, this year, I hoped for just one more time.

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