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Sunday, October 11, 2009

What Sturbridge lacks and why you should support the Star Co-op

I went to the Amherst Farmers Market to sell my honey on Saturday morning. The day was overcast, but the temperature was pleasant. A steady stream of people came by as customers. The farmers market has a pleasant and festive air about and everyone, buyers and sellers and passersby enjoyed the day.

Since I've been writing about Sturbridge, I've often heard that Sturbridge needs a farmers market. What goes on up in Amherst should happen here as well. Well, some people have been trying for a few months now. Melinda and Doug Kirkpatrick have been the moving force behind the idea of a market in the area. They have allowed their law office and studio in the Sturbridge Marketplace to be the venue for the market.

It is a start. If it is popular enough, we could have festive scenes and vendors providing great products weekly instead of monthly as is happening now. Come to the Marketplace on October 25 from 9am to 3pm and see local people providing local products. Click here for more info.

One sad thing to see was the demise of the Jeffrey Amherst bookshop.. I used to browse there after the market. A pleasant old style bookstore. Was it the competition, the economy? Who knows? Its genre is an endangered species.

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