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Friday, November 20, 2009

Sturbridge Times Magazine, Late Shameless Self Promotion-November Edition

Again, we are late bringing out our monthly Shameless Self Promotion posting. Fortunately the web problem is solved and one can access the magazine online by clicking the link to the right.

For years, I've seen the sign Food Books from Route 84 and finally went there. It is a fun place. I write about it on page 4.

Getting away from the subject of books, but staying with food is a piece about Giovanello's/Rom's takeout. Some family members went with me for a nice lunch. I loved Rom's, but I am going to like Dave Roscioli's new place even more.

The Rimscha Concert Series is back and its first evening was wonderful. Bass Gregory Sheppard was stalwart. Find out about the series on page 13.

There are ghosts in Sturbridge. They will do you no harm, but if you know the story, you will be haunted. See page 14.

My column is on page 20. There were some women I afflicted as a child yet to whom I owe a lot.

There are a lot of other fine articles in the issue. So if you have not received a copy in the mail, click to the right for the online version. If you like the print version, it is available all over. Click on the graphic below to find out where.

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