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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Support Snowballs for Ware's Casino Theater

The post below was originally put up at Examiner. Since then, much has happened. The Facebook page went from near zero members to almost 700 in no time. Community Support is far more than anyone had a right to expect, with talk of a fundraiser. I dream of a Quabbin Film Festival having The Casino as its major venue.

Movement to save the Ware Casino Theater starts to grow Examiner, Dec.20, 2009

There is now a Facebook fan page for those who want to help Fred McLennan bring back Ware’s Casino Theater. Not only does the group talk about how wonderful it was and can be. There is actually some possible restoration money available.

Pauline Supka, Ware resident born and raised has been the impetus behind the new efforts. The new Facebook group has garnered over 300 members in no time at all.

If that were not enough, the Berkshire Bank is giving four $5,000 grants and if everyone who wants to preserve what is maybe the oldest movie house in the country votes, this could be a big help with some of the renovation costs.

If you would like to join the fan page, go here. If you would like to vote (one vote per person) go here.

At the Berkshire Bank page, put Ware Casino Theater for Name of the Organization and Main Street, Ware, Massachusetts for Address of the Organization.

I urge everyone to be part of this. Even if you are not from Western Central Massachusetts or the Eastern Pioneer Valley, we all benefit with another theater. Theater buffs, indie film fans or film makers, whatever, another venue helps us all.

See The Resurrection of the Casino.

Also see article at Sturbridge Times Magazine (click on link for December pdf and go to page 14) and

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