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Saturday, March 20, 2010

If you want a West Brookfield Farmers Market, come to the Town Hall on Tuesday!

No, the picture above is not from the West Brookfield Farmers Market. However, we live in hope that a scene like this may someday happen here.

There is another meeting scheduled with the selectmen on Tuesday, March 23 at 6:30p.m., Town Hall lower level, to discuss the market again. It appears that a market does fall under the definition of a farm stand and that it will be selling horticultural products and therefore needs a special permit. The permit process is rigorous, and costs about $150.00 (non-refundable) and clearly states that this permit is needed because a “building permit” has been denied. Requirements include:

1.A certified list of abutters
2. Full copy of the deed proving ownership
3. A photograph of the site where the proposed building or addition will be located
4. Boundaries of parcel with dimensions
5. Names of adjacent landowners
6. Outline of buildings with dimensions
7. Setback dimensions of structures
8. Locations of adjacent public ways
9. Existing and proposed sanitary systems
10 Provisions of surface water drainage
11. Landscape features
12. Evidence that all taxes have been paid on property

I hope no one expects Amy to pay out of pocket for the fee, as well as provide 5 copies for review. The 12 requirements above do not seem germane to what is being attempted. I intend to be at the meeting and hope that all the people who support a market and can come will be there. Amy has gotten almost 200 names on petitions, over 15 letters of support from residents, wrote two proposals, one letter and has been to three meetings and still has not received approval. She deserves support, but truly, in supporting her we are really supporting our town.

I hope everyone in town, no matter what position they occupy understands this.

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