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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rimscha Season Finale-Helen and Peter on the edge

I know this is a bit late, but the evening was so well done, it had to be written about.

“This evening will be a little different and we hope we haven’t pushed the envelope too far”

That was a sentence from the program of the final Rimscha Concert last Saturday evening. Well how far did they intend to go? Something was up as Wally Hall was there to accompany them on drums as well as David Foote, a (horrors) sound engineer.

Actually, it all went rather well. The evening was billed as Classics with a Modern Twist. So , why the sound guy. Helen Morin made use of an electric violin in some of the pieces, or should I say numbers. The evening started off with Contradanza by Mike Batt. Batt is probably known most in this country for the soundtrack of Watership Down. We knew we were in for something different when the drums started to beat and Helen played the electric apparatus as if she had just had six expressos.

Peter played an original composition, Prelude from Rhapsody for Violin and Piano. Mr. Morin has been too modest in not featuring his own work. He should give us some more.

Helen, who has Hungarian roots, played a Gypsy tune, Csardas. She claimed to have played it on the street. I don’t know if one can quite picture her busking.

The program also included a Stephen Foster Medley, music from Carmen as well as works by Beethoven, Puccini, Corelli and Bach. All well done. So no, Helen and Peter, you did not push the envelope too far. Of course, had you added a couple of electric guitars and a strobe light, a rebellion might have ensued.

Stay tuned for the sixth season next October. Visit Rimscha Concert Series website here.

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