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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another possible way to support the Ware Casino

I have not had TV for a long time so this must have occurred at least 20 years ago. It was on Channel 5’s Chronicle. A man was explaining how he had been part of a campaign to save an architectural gem in the west of Ireland. They sold shares in the hotel, restored it and got it up and running. What did participants get for the investment? An upscale looking tie with the company symbol and a promise that they would never see a penny from their investment.

I remembered that when I heard of another idea for saving the Casino in Ware. The thought is that the seats would be sold to people in the community and that could raise the money necessary for the renovations.

This is actually and old tradition here in Nova Anglia. Theaters in Boston from about 1794 thru 1908 were financed through pre selling seats, even auctioning off future seats. In Beverly about 30 years ago EM Loews CABOT theater closed. A few town professionals go together and saved it as "LaGrand David Magic show" they have been to the White House three times, done off Broadway productions and have a full movie schedule. In Maine and New Hampshire have restored old opera houses by pre selling seats.

Outside of our region, there's a Drive In Theater in Pennsylvania (I believe) that closed and the town was not going to let it die. Now the whole town owns the Drive In, and of course they all show up to "Their Drive In." Bet the birth rate is up in that burg.

The end result would be a non profit theater that sort of belonged to the whole town.

The Casino supporters facebook is here.

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