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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Asparagus Festival was a great day

Picture above: Tony Woodman, expert with heavy equipment selling tickets for a gazebo to support the town bandstand. His wife Cheryl is in the middle of the three behind the table.

The Sun was shining, the temperature pleasant and the West Brookfield Common was packed. If you missed the Asparagus Festival, there are 12 months of regret ahead. Of course you can go out and buy some asparagus and fry it or steam it, but it won't be the same. All the music and events that happened will be a tad difficult to recreate at home.

Congratulations to Amy Dugas and her staff. It had to be an enormous amount of work to put the day on.

Support Amy's efforts to get a farmers market. Come to the town meeting on Tuesday and vote yes.

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