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Sunday, June 13, 2010

This is truly shameless self promotion-Also, casting call

Okay, every month I shamelessly plug my articles and the Sturbridge Times Magazine. Some my consider that bad form, which is why it is shameless. Now, we hope to go a bit lower and plug an independent film I am part of. Recently, I've worked on a series of interviews and they are up at the video blog of the movie, Indiana James and the Raiders of the Lost Shaker of Salt. Below is the first effort, an interview with the leading lady.

The Link is here.

There is also a casting call coming up, so if you would like to be in a movie, read below.

ACTORS WANTED Various Roles Action/Adventure/Spoof (Boston/Medford/Salisbury, MA)

Seeking actors for various roles in a feature length film, Indiana James and the raiders of the
Lost Shaker of Salt. Indiana James is an action adventure spoof currently shooting in and around
Massachusetts. All roles are for NON-UNION actors and all roles are UNPAID. If you are picked for
Indiana James this is what you will receive as compensation.

1. Role in the film.
2. Credit.
3. Head shot and resume posted on production company website at www.take12tom.com.
4. Copies of still photographs for publicity.
5. Copy of finished DVD.
6. Invite to premiere for friends and family. We are currently looking to fill the following roles.

Captain Lastmango: BLACK MALE ship captain 30-65 years old. One day of shooting in Fall

Chocolate Moose: BLACK MALE ship mate 30 - 50 years old.

Police Officers: Men and Women 18-45 years old. WHITE and BLACK. Comedy roles. You will be
required to wear bike shorts and combat boots. We don't want people to think they are playing
Miami Vice roles. Good sense of humor. Lots of action, shooting weapons, several days of
shooting for the Police Officers. Night and day shoots. Athletic and physical types would be

Jungle Natives: Men and Women. All Races. Dress in grass skirts and have body paint applied to
arms and faces. Must be able to run over uneven ground. Two days of shooting.

Pirates: Men and Women. All Races. Several days of shooting. Lots of action. Chases and sword

Cancun Drinkers: Men and Women. All Races. Mostly background work but many people will be
given one-liners for comedy scenes. Close ups needed. Several days of shooting.

Beautiful Daughters. Women. All Races. Ten beautiful girls needed to play the daughters of one
of the main characters. Two days of shooting only. Salisbury Beach. Must wear bathing suits.
Good sense of humor and not shy.

Submarine Captain: Man. 30 - 65 years old. One day of shooting. Fall River, MA.

Singers and Dancers: Men and Women 16-65 All Races Needed for musical number. Small
choreography needed. One day of shooting. Two to rehearse.

Zombies: Men and Women. All Races. One night shoot in Salisbury,MA.

University of Mixology Students: Men and Women. All Races. 18-35. Two days of shooting.
Student body of the New England University of Mixology.

No acting experience required. Fun, good natured, energetic individuals who are looking to be
part of an amazing movie. Many of our actors stay with us for a long time and become involved in
other projects with TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS. Send head shot and resume to
take12tom@yahoo.com. Go directly to www.indianajames.com for info about the film. Casting
calls link can be viewed at www.take12tom.com/indianajamescastingcall.html We look forward to
working with you.
Click on link here to email head shot and resume or ask us any questions.

Tell Tom You heard about it at Hollywood in Sturbridge.

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