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Thursday, September 23, 2010

3rd Shift: Michael's Lament premiere at the Boston Film festival was the highlight of the season

And the post screening social at W Lounge was a hit too. Okay, this is a bit of shameless self promotion. I had a small part in this movie. Congratulations to the people who made it. We should be making movies in this area. But it is not happening. Oh Well.

Last Monday, September 20th was a sunny, windy day for a movie made entirely at night to premiere. No matter, it was a pleasant contrast for everyone in the audience at the 26th Annual Boston Film Festival. It was even more so for the cast and crew in attendance at the Stuart Street Playhouse in Boston. When the last of the credits had rolled by, they had every right to feel good about 3rd Shift: Michael's Lament.

Christopher Grace, the director, described 3rd Shift as Neo Noir, or for the non francophone, New Dark. Dark it is. Mark Vos' Michael has much to lament of his life. He has a secret that not even the people closest to him know Then again in Michael's case, closest does not mean close.

The secret is horrible. Michael is a walking disaster area. He knows it and would end it if only. If only. We're he caught, no jury, or god would spare him the maximum torment. Yet for all that, our Michael is a sympathetic character. When you see the movie, you will want him to be able to find some resolution, even though one can see what he is a mile away.

Ally Tully plays Clara with heart. She loves Michael, and he is not without feeling for her, but that will not bode well for her destiny. Franz Strassmann is Frank, Michael's boss at a movie theater. We meet him with his paramour, Marie, a high class call girl played by Liz Eng. Frank seems to be in control, but events will eventually unnerve him. Gianna Simone is intense as Patty, a street walker oppressed by Zito, a bad actor played by good actor, Eric Eastman. Gianna and Michael go back a long way and her tragedy will be his tragedy. As if he needed more.

Shelly Whittle, Marv, the diner cook is likeable even as he doles out the near edible "slop." Michael Reed and Nicole Trychon are effective as an obnoxious couple. Kachina Dechert as Silver, does not have the proverbial heart of gold as Patty's replacement. Anny Rosario as Lucy makes the bad choice to put the moves on Michael.

Everyone else in the cast and crew deserves recognition. Instead, click here to go over to imdb where almost all of the cast is listed.

Enjoy the video. It consists of Christopher Grace telling how he gets work out of actors. Marc Vos plays Christopher as a dramatic role. Gianna Simone talks about life, movies and being an adult in film. Eric and Emily Eastman as well as Leo Kei Angelos speak. Also, who is more glamorous, Emily or Eric?

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