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Friday, September 3, 2010

Shameless self promotion-September edition

The Sturbridge Times Magazine is out, both print and online. This is the monthly notice wherein I, with no shame, tout my unworthy offerings.

On Page 12 is the story of Wally and Michelle Connors and Socks for Siberia. Talk about people with big hearts.

Ridge Shinn is passionate in a measured way about what he believes in. Read about him on Page 16.

Think our regional salvation will come with building a casino? Think again. Others have thought it was a sure fire plan. How'd that work out? Read the Review of Havana Nocturne on Page 19.

Got a buck? Maybe you too can overpay for a national news magazine. Read about it in my column, Musings From Long Hill Road on Page 26.


I am not the only one writing. There are many entertaining and useful articles that I had nothing to do with. You can read the magazine online by clicking here and downloading a pdf, or you can click on the graphic below to find out where to pick one up.

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