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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Historic Preservation and Local TV Pilot-The Blackington

The OurFilmSpace crew has been working on getting new tv going in the Sturbridge, Massachusetts area for a long while now. One of the latest projects is Antique Warriors. Though not limited to the Sturbridge Area, the town is a natural for such an endeavor. Home to Old Sturbridge Village and next to Brimfield of the famed summer antique shows, the location is perfect. Lot of old stuff in the region.

Work on the Antique Warriors series has been going on for some time and there are teaser trailers at the facebook page. On a recent Saturday, the Boston film Industry Examiner followed the AW team at the Blackington Building in Sturbridge.

The Blackington Building is one of those old derelicts that break your heart. It is a gothic structure from 1880 with steep roof tower and dormers. Everyone from the area has driven by it as have the multidudes who exit the pike for Brimfield. It stands out as an aristocrat, but that will not be enough to save it.

Doug and Melinda Kirkpatrick, impressarios of OurFilmSpace assembled a crew to work on savioring the Blackington. They enlisted the camera skills of John Hartman, maker of Bridge Crusader and other movies. Talented as john is, he paled in comparison to the beautiful trio presenting the edifice to the public.

Many people in Sturbridge already know Lindsay Monroe for more than her extraordinary photography. Alicia Zitka was crowned Miss Massachusetts and when you see her as an Antique Warrior, you’ll not wonder why. Tee Whitlow is known as the Woman About Town and she does not suffer from a personality defiency.

Short plot synopsis, Lindsay is showing the Blackington to entrepreneurs , Tee and Akicia. Will they take the challenge?

Below are the behind the scenes videos. Part I introduces Tee and Alicia and we see Lindsay show the building. To see Part II starts with "boots on the ground," well, the floor anyway. Then we interview Tee. Doug comments and John admits to his undying devotion to the Boston Film Industry Examiner.

John, in the words of Phil Connors in Groundhog Day, I may be “a god, not the God.”

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