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Monday, November 15, 2010

Meeting to Save the Casino

On the facebook page, Please restore the Casino Theater in Ware Massachusetts a post was left by the niece of the president of the Ware Historical Society.

There will be a meeting on Tuesday, 11/16 at 10 AM at the Wal*Mart in Ware in an attempt to save the Casino. Would it be possible for you to attend or send along your thoughts?

On November 8th Ware held a special town meeting.

ARTICLE 13proposed the irrevocalbe death of the old movie house. It read as follows, To see if the Town will vote to appropriate a sum of money for the demolition of the Casino Theater, located at 121 Main Street, Ware, Ma. and to determine the manner of

meeting said appropriation whether by taxation, transfer of available funds, borrowing or any other means or combination thereof or take any other action relative thereto.

As there is going to be a meeting, I assume the article passed.

Fred McLennan, who has purchased the Casino doubts they can do it as they don't own the building. Fred is trying to bring the theater back. the town moms and dads seem to have lost patience with him. At one meeting, I heard the call, "Show us the money." Fred has all my sympathies, and he has a daunting task. In truth, he has presented no credible plan.

If you are near Ware tomorrow and want to help save an historical gem of an old movie house, please stop by. Ware claims to be The Town That Can't Be Licked The motto adorns signs on roads entering Ware. Don't let the slogan become, The Town That Licked Itself.

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