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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Save the Market!

Okay, Hollywood in Sturbridge is about the Sturbridge and surrounding towns and movies. Still, sometimes your humble impresario branches out to other areas that are of interest to himself.

I have supported farmers' markets in our area both in print and online. However, long before the movement to bring farmers' markets to this region, I have been selling honey and beeswax hand cream at the Amherst Farmers' Market. Certainly, I would be better served now by going to a nearer market, but everyone associated with AFM, customers and vendors, are too wonderful to abandon. A Saturday morning in Amherst during the market season is a pleasure.

Life is good, what is there worry about? Plenty. a construction program is proposed that will lead to moving the market away from the common for 2011 and leave it with constricted space in the future.

Market Pres. John Spineti sent out an email outlining the problem:



Construction proposed for 2011 to widen the Spring Street parking lot

sidewalks to 14 feet from their current width of five feet will result

in an 18 foot narrowing of the parking lot.

For this construction to take place, the Farmers' market, a 40 year

institution to the life of downtown Amherst as well as Valley residents,

has been asked to VACATE the lot for the entire 2011 market season.

Further, there will be a loss of four parking spots in this redesign of

the lot. The elimination of the four parking spots will result in four

farmers (vendors) losing their spaces. It does not seem reasonable.

Additionally, putting cars nine feet closer to traffic moving through

the lot obviously makes it more difficult for motorists to exit parking

spaces. Finally, to lose parking space and revenue when the cost of

creating parking space is so high and when recent news has focussed on a

scarcity of downtown parking is counterintuitive.

I am asking for public support to oppose this construction project.

Please contact the Select Board members and show your support for the

Amherst Farmers' Market.

John Spineti


Amherst Farmers' Market

I caught John and market manager Sarah Berquist on video explaining what's at stake and what can be done. Also, on the vid is a sample of the music on tap at last Saturday's market and one of the vendors is moved to dance.

So write a note to the select board letting them know that you support what is a valuable asset to the town and region at:

Amherst Select Board transparent.png

4 Boltwood Avenue

Amherst, MA 01002-2301

suggested letter:


I oppose the construction of the 14' wide sidewalks along the Spring
Street Parking Lot. The dislocation and disruption of the market during
the 2011 market season and the loss of four parking spaces will hurt the

____________(print name)



The link to the farmers' market website is here. The facebook link is here. More info should be coming.

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