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Friday, November 26, 2010

Summer is really over-Amherst Farmers Market done-Red Barn Market coming.

Yeah, I knew summer was gone a while ago. Still, as long as the market is going, one can be delusional. Especially, as some of the last few markets saw the temps rise to the point that coats, and sweaters were shed. Last Saturday's market was saw a windy and chilly day, but with the sun out, it was wonderful. Sadly, it is all over.

But, wait, there is more. No, we can't stop winter from crashing into us. We can have fun, and we have been having it for 12 years. Below is Carol Joyce telling you about year 13.
So after the Red Barn Market, we can dream of next year's market. We spoke with Justamere Tree Farm, Marian Welch. She and J.P. have been at the market since forever and help make it the unique institution it is.
Sometimes, Sarah Berquist, our market manager, provides the music and sometimes it's ad hoc. At the last market, it was the latter. They were just a bunch of kids getting together for a few tunes, but they were fun.

We'll update about the Red Barn as we get closer to the date

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