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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Great Time at the Red Barn Market-Pictures and Video

So we had the market, thanks to Carol Joyce and Sarah Berquist for all your work. I know it's not Sturbridge and I wish something like it went on here, but until it does, I have to make do.

Thanks to Susan Guzik of Honey and Salt for providing high octane coffee.

Amongst the vendors was Roy Mansur, a man of beautiful pictures an portraits renowned in the Valley.
Portia is a regular at this market and has quite a following for her jewelry creations. Hasn't got me to wear any yet. Ah Cheshire Garden's mustards and preserves. Worth coming for by itself. Hope's brought her lovely wooden ware to the right. John Spineti's greenery is good to eat. It's good to grow. Heck, it's good to eat and grow. Jim Pitts has been around forever, but his farm has always been changing and growing in different directions, though his pesto has always been there. His pancakes kept people fed. Carol has herbs for every purpose. She has herbs you need even if you don't know you need 'em.

Video time. Carol talks about the herbs and John gives a recipe.

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