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Friday, December 3, 2010

Sturbridge Times Magazine is out, Shameless self promotion-December edition

The Sturbridge Times Magazine is out, both print and online. This is the monthly notice wherein I, with no shame, tout my unworthy offerings.

George Diaz in one person combines history and artisanship. When I was talking with him at his shop in Southbridge I got a couple of clips of him at work. You can read about him on Page 10.

Below is George planning a chandelier.
Next is George working at the forge. In principle, not much different from the one at OSV. Of course no propane then.
On Page 7 is the story of some serious money made out of the financial debacle we've been going through.

My column on Page 22 is an attempt to be counterintuitive.

I am not the only one writing. There are many entertaining and useful articles that I had nothing to do with. You can read the magazine online by clicking here and downloading a pdf, or you can click on the graphic below to find out where to pick one up.


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