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Monday, January 3, 2011

Inside the Ware Casino

Today, at noon, Fred McLennan held a meeting with an entrepreneur from Connecticut. Douglas Trumbull is associated with a number of projects. He is an inventor and holds a number of patents. He asked a number of questions that Fred took several paragraphs to answer when one would suffice. DouglasTrumbull.com is worth a look.

Give Fred his due, though. Mr. Trumbull is the real deal. That does not mean he is a pushover. A staff came with him and an architect made it clear, for anything to happen, there has to be real community support. Also, the project would have to be financially viable.

For the first time since the last movie I saw there with my kids, I was in the Casino. Yeah, it's changed. Maybe we could squeeze some money out of state by having the Governor declare it a disaster area. Mr. Trumbull was not fazed as he went through the mess. He was evaluating it professionally.

So people of Ware and surrounding towns, if you want your community theater to live again, you better be ready to step up to the plate.

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