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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Freddie's not Dead-The Casino sails on while other Ware buildings sink!

Above, Casino roof defies the snow.

The Town of Ware selectmen and town clerk are worried about The Casino Theater. The structure is said to not be the most stable. Why, if you listen to the concerns of some town dads and moms, if someone sneezes in Belchertown, the Casino could collapse and bring about the demise of scores of townspeople, if not Western Civilization.

Okay, I exaggerate the hysteria, but hysteria it is. The impresario of the theater’s rebirth has had a triumph of sorts this winter. The Casino, for all its purported instability, has sailed through the storms like a serene ship on calm seas.

Across the street, however, the building housing Cebula Insurance and Chantel Bleu Accounting has seen its roof collapse and the tenants evacuated. Hey, maybe they could relocate to a theater on Main Street that is currently vacant, but somewhat more structurally sound than was earlier thought?

This does not mean that Fred has clear sailing. I’m guessing the town still wants to destroy the place, though the current season’s costs have depleted available funds. The Connecticut entrepreneur who visited a few weeks ago will not take up the project.

Still, he is alive and has a building that is still standing after many another roof has collapsed.

You can support the rebirth of the Casino by joining the facebook page here.

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